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The Something series: Something for you that doesn’t involve spending money

During this period of social distancing and staying home, I have been thinking of what to share with you guys that would be valuable while still keeping things super light because there is so much bad news all around the world. I did think about starting a TikTok account sharing funny videos but, to be honest, that isn’t me (I will start sharing content on there soon) but for now, I am starting a series over the next few weeks, called The Something series. My hope is that through every post shared, there is something for you that you find useful, solves a problem or something you can share with someone.

Titi's Passion

Something for you

Now more than ever I have been trying to figure out self-care while tending to my family’s needs, working on my business and doing my best to stay positive during this period of so much uncertainty. Here is what I have been doing.

atlanta blogger

Waking up early

While staying home gives you more time to sleep in, why not use that extra sleep time to do all the things you wished you had time for before Covid19? I am waking up earlier to enjoy a cup of matcha solo, I am using that time to write in my gratitude journal, work out (I am loving Swork it app) among other things. As a mom to 2 kids, I can recommend this more, it’s a time when I can sit still and do nothing.

Titilola Sogunro

Planning virtual hangouts with my friends

While I won’t be seeing my friends IRL anytime soon, virtual hangouts and group facetime have been a huge lifesaver! I am going Houseparty app tonite for one of such group hangouts. The best thing about virtual hangouts is that it can be planned way ahead and it’s something to look forward to which will help boost your mood.

Leaning in (feeding my spirit)

I am using this time to connect with groups outside of my social circle. I have a few groups I am a part of at my local church and virtual meetings with them where we pray together and just share the word of God has been helpful for me during this season.

beauty post

Dress up

Now is the time to get out of bed, take a shower (run a bath every now and then) and dress up. It totally changes my mood when I do that especially the dressing up part. I can tell the difference when I spend a little extra time dolling up a bit.

beauty blogger

Clean up

Since we are all spending all this time indoors, clean up after yourself more and create an environment that is relaxing and calm. I have been doing a lot of changes to my living room area and plan to share with y’all when I am done. I am burning candles I love (EWE home candles) during the day and also running my air purifier to clean the air in my home.

 Floral Satin Wrap

Thank you for reading, you can read more personal posts HERE. Also check out something I started is my “Things that made me smile this week” over on my Instagram page.


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  1. Kat
    May 28, 2020 / 4:27 am

    Taking care of yourself is the best luxury! We all need some time to pamper ourselves. Having alone time is very relaxing.

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