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My recap of the first Curls, Kinks & Culture Pop-Up Festival, Atlanta, Georgia

“Everyone has good hair but are you showing your best hair?” That is the question that echoed for me at the first Curls, Kinks & Culture Festival hosted by Taliah Waajid. Quick history lesson, Taliah Waajid hair line named after the owner is one of the foremost natural hair brands in the nation (they were making natural products before it became cool to wear your hair natural.) As a natural (I transitioned over 4 years ago.) I was super excited to be part of an amazing festival.

Arriving at the Curls, Kinks & Culture Festival I was greeted by the yellow carpet:-) This was the first festival held at the Georgia World Congress Center in College Park, GA to celebrate the black culture.



The room was filled with women, men and kids of all ages who got an opportunity to see product demonstrations, watch live performances, listen to panel discussions, learn about healthy eating/cooking, exercise demos and shop for hair and natural body products, clothes, and much more.







The Taliah Waajid brand and the Uncle Jimmy brand were the only hair brand that this show. These companies are well-established companies which have made names for themselves in the hair industry.


During the show, the newest addition to the Taliah Waajid brand, the Green Apple & Aloe Nutrition line launched. It promises to strengthen and moisturize the hair while remaining gentle enough for daily use. It is filled with vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, and antioxidants to help you achieve your STRONGEST, HEALTHIEST hair.


 I got a chance to take photos with Taliah Waajid

I love that the Taliah Waajid brand had lines for all types of hair from the Black Earth products which is for locks, the Kinky, Wavy, Natural for children and the Jamaica black castor oil line for skin care


I enjoyed visiting the different vendors that had an opportunity to showcase their products to a large audience. It is a great opportunity for small business in the community. I was able to connect with brands and learn about local entrepreneurs.


 How cool is this curl sponge?


I loved watching the exercise demonstrations and learning new ways to care for my natural hair.


 I loved Lexi with the Curl’s hair

 Real style at the CKC festival

All in all, I had an amazing time at the festival. I would recommend this Curls, Kinks and Culture Pop-Up Festival to everybody because there is something for everyone. From books for kids, male grooming products, to unique ethnic clothing (from Africa) for the whole family. Don’t miss out on the next show Atlanta! Back to my question, are you showing your best hair yet? If that isn’t the case, definitely check out the Taliah Waajid line because there is something for your hair. Thanks for reading, enjoy your weekend.


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