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Vaseline Intensive care cocoa radiant lotion


How are you doing? I am sharing my review of Vaseline Intensive care cocoa radiant lotion with you today. I grew up with Vaseline and I have passed this tradition to my children. Growing up in Nigeria, Vaseline petroleum jelly and lotion was part of my morning routine then and Vaseline is still part of my routine now. While I love the plain Vaseline products, the cocoa butter line is my favorite. I love that it is infused with cocoa butter which not only gives the line an amazing smell but I love the benefits of cocoa butter.

I received these products for free from Vaseline for my honest opinion. While I already owned the petroleum jelly at home, I was eager to try the Cocoa radiant lotion especially since it promised to heal dry skin. My daughter has dry skin and I find myself constantly switching products because of their effectiveness wear outs.

I have been using it on her skin now for about 2 weeks and I noticed a significant difference in her skin. She is less itchy and she also loves the scent of this lotion. I love that it is a rich lotion but one that isn’t too heavy. A problem I find with rich lotions.

 The top cap makes it easy to apply and dispense even for my 3 year old

I love the travel size which is perfect for a quick trip. I will be including it in my toiletry back for my trip later this week.

I always have Vaseline petroleum jelly handy and I included it as part of my Beauty Essentials 2 years ago on a beauty post. See HERE for details. It’s This cocoa butter option is simply divine.

My little one enjoys applying to her lips to combat dry lips

I would recommend Vaseline Intensive care cocoa radiant lotion to anyone who is experiencing dry skin and it is a perfect everyday lotion too. I use it on my skin too and it keeps it moisturized. You can find the cocoa radiant with pure coca butter at your local grocery or super market such as Walgreen or Target . Thank you for reading, enjoy the rest of your day.


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