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A top Atlanta life, style & fashion blog started by Titilola Sogunro. Titi’s Passion was started as an outlet to connect with other Millennials and share the things that I am passionate about: Fashion, Beauty, Food, Natural Hair & Travel. I fully committed to this journey in April 2015.

Over the last few years, I have redefined my style, and my goal is to help others discover, simplify and/or redefine theirs. We live in a world where beauty products are forever evolving and changing, I love sharing my beauty discoveries on Titi’s Passion. 

foodie at heart, I explore different restaurants in my city and the others I discover during my travels across the world. I went natural with my hair almost five years ago and over the course of the yearsI have acquired a solid base knowledge that will be useful to anyone on this journey or someone considering going natural. If I share your interests, please subscribe to my blog here so you don’t miss any of the valuable.
Top Atlanta life, style & fashion blog


Hi, my name is Titilola (Tee-Tee-Law-Lah) Sogunro (Sho-goon-row), the creative force behind the top Atlanta life, style and fashion blog, Titi’s Passion. I am a wife and mother of two amazing kids. My formal education consists of a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Georgia and a Master’s degree in Finance. I held a corporate job in the Mortgage industry for years, but eventually decided to follow my passion, the thing that truly makes me happy; Fashion. I manage my blog full-time and also run a fashion photography business. In my spare time I enjoy reading non-fiction books, traveling, and spending time with husband, two children and friends.