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5 mistakes to avoid while hitting the road this Summer

Hey y’all, if you plan to hit the road this Summer like me no matter where you are located, this post is for you! Bonus I am sharing all my fashion looks from my recent trip to St. Petes, Florida. Everything I wore was mostly priced under $100. It’s the Summer of road trips since the global pandemic and while flying and traveling internationally was the plan this Summer, I have had a great summer road-tripping and I am sharing 5 things that you should avoid.


Road Trip: The 5 mistakes to avoid road trip


My maxi dress by Sundress is on sale for under $100 Sundress, Kate Spade Sandals & necklace

Not planning routes ahead of time

It’s so important to do this anyways but this Summer with a lot more people are going on road trips, don’t skip this step. You need to know if rest stops are opened, have exact change for tolls, know ahead about road closures, etc. One thing I found out is most restaurants currently only offer drive-through service so plan before you are left scrambling looking for a place to pee LOL.

beach dress


Don Cesar

Maxi dress by ASOS

Not keeping the pandemic in mind

We are in the middle of a pandemic and as long as you plan to leave your city even if it’s a short road trip, you should be aware of what is going on in your destination city and this applies even if you will be staying with friends and/or family. Know if there are any changes in place since the pandemic, such as curfews, mask rules, etc.

Titi's Passion

asos maxi dress

Not researching tourist attractions and things to do

Unlike the past, where you could rely solely on just websites, I would strongly recommend calling ahead to know if websites have been updated since COVID. Opening hours, rules, etc. We did that on our trip to Memphis, TN. We planned to visit the Civil Rights Museum and called ahead and asked about their post-COVID hours and the system they now have in place. I researched restaurants amongst other things too.

ASOS EDITION oversized maxi dress in phoenix floral

Floral maxi dress, Kate Spade Tote and Sunglasses

Titilola Sogunro

Romper, Sunglasses and, Sandals

Not calling your hotel/rental property in advance

This is new for me because most of the information is readily available online but since COVID, that has changed. I called my hotel to find out what systems they had in place. For example, cancellation policies, hotel capacity rules, cleaning, services offered, etc. A lot has changed and honestly, I found them to be good changes after staying in 2 different hotels in 2 cities. During your call, you should also let them know what you are comfortable with. For example, I requested new towels but didn’t want my room cleaned during my stay.

the don cesar hotel

Not checking your vehicle/rental before your trip

I decided to share this last just in case you scroll all the way down first:) Safety first! Please check your tires and oil, etc before hitting the road. If hitting the road with a rental pleasure ensure you check the tires too. My one tip when renting a car is to select a car similar to the one you own/drive. It just makes the drive more enjoyable! When selecting a premium car, booking ahead would on average cost you $20-30 extra which is worth it if that is what you already drive.

The Don Cesar HotelThank you for reading, don’t forget to share this post with anyone would find it helpful. Check out my other travel content HERE.


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    This are great tips … thank you ☺️

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