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Black Lives Matter!

It’s taken me almost a week to put words down bcos I have not been okay. Like millions of black people, the murder of George Floyd has reopened old trauma & speaking for myself, the constant tears mixed with a bit of hopelessness is tiring AF. However, what’s pressing and keeping me awake most nites is WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE MEDIA MOVES ON?? WHEN THE BLACK LIVES MATTER PROTESTS START TO DWINDLE? WHAT THEN? Will our voices for black live Matter remain strong?
black lives matter

To my readers of other races, please turn your current discomfort into ACTION beyond a social post. (Blackouttuesday may be over but there is much to be done) Not sure where to start, here are a few resources. Start by LEARNING (HERE and HERE and this excellent blog post by Busbee) then LISTEN; (to black stories, your friends, coworkers, etc) the reverse has been contributed to the problem. Be an ADVOCATE by using your VOICE & back that up by DONATING to trusted and vetted organizations (if you can) and not only when it is convenient/trending.

To my black readers, I hope you’re taking time to self-care? I have taken social media breaks, had conversations with my friends, I have cried, and distracted myself by watching movies. HERE is a link to mental health resources for POC.

The burden doesn’t just lie on others so I am sharing some of the things I am implementing to support because Black Lives Matter.

-Educating myself (I didn’t grow up here so I am still learning.) My African community this one is for y’all.
-Pausing sponsored content this week, cos it’s just not it right now.
-Donating to different causes. I donated to NMAAHC  and Official George Floyd Memorial Fund.
-I am registered to vote & I am focusing more on local elections that impact my immediate community. You can find resources HERE.
-I have completed the 2020 Census questionnaire online.
-I am speaking up & holding brands accountable. (Recommending names not just when I am asked.)
-Support more black businesses (I’ll be sharing a list of business in an upcoming post)
Peace and Love 🖤🖤

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