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Mental health conversation: My personal story

Hey y’all, did you know that May is #mentalhealthawareness month? With fewer distractions these days & the current state of the world I hope you’re taking care of yourself wholly😀I shared this post on Instagram last week and based on the feedback I received, I decided to share on my blog.

mental health


Sharing this photo from late Jan because it was the first time in over a month that I finally felt a bit like myself & got dressed up to create content. I had been in this weird place towards the latter part of last year. I mostly ignored all the symptoms but instead piled on more distractions until I hit a wall in Jan & found myself In a place that I couldn’t just pull myself out of. It wasn’t a funk cos I couldn’t just “snap out of it” (I needed help physically getting out of bed on some days.) During this time I was still “posting & showing up” so to most everything seemed normal only those closest to me knew.

A tip for coping with Mental Health (Talking about what I was going through helped a lot.)

winter fashion inspo

I am sharing this to encourage someone to reach out to a true friend, remind you to check on someone who might seem fine, slow down/pause if you need to & seek professional help if needed. Mental health is so important. Sending love ❤️ & 🤗 You can find more personal posts HERE.


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