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If traveling is top on your list this year, today’s blog post is for you! Keep reading to find out 5 TOP WAYS TO SAVE on your next travel regardless of where you are going or who you are traveling with. Before I get started, I am highlighting my newly gifted luggage set by Samsonite called the Novaire Spinner. I shared a POST recently on 5 ways to pack like a pro featuring the Novaire Spinner in Rose Gold and I chose a second set in Metallic Green because I absolutely love this luggage!

Titi's Passion

It is as durable and stylish as most luggage by Samsonite who have been in business for over 100years. It has a retractible handle, 360 spinner wheels & a hard shell built for high impact. The Novaire Spinner 30″ retails for $490 and the  20″ carry on retails for $390 but you can get it for a discount when you shop via Samsonite’s website.

Titilola Sogunro

Save on trips by signing up for the newsletter, airline emails and more.

One big way to save on travel this year is to subscribe to airline emails that have major hubs in your city that way you don’t miss out on travel sales! You should do the same with travel pro newsletters. Two of my favorite ones are Matt’s Flights and Secret Flying.

Create an alert on google flight or other saving websites

One way I save on travel is to create flight trips and sign up to get notifications when there is a change in price. I absolutely love Google flight for this and Kayak.

traveling family

Book directly from the airline when flying Internationally with children under 12.

Did you know that you save a significant amount (some times up to $300) when you book flights directly over the phone for kids under 12? Most airlines charge a lower fee (mostly tax-related) which you won’t get if you book online or via a third-party website.

Fly out from a major city

While this might not be for everyone, this is one huge way we save for travel in my household. Flying Internationally out from New York or Chicago ends up cheaper than say a direct flight from Atlanta. You can end up with savings up to $500 on each ticket when you choose this route. (Tip: Leave 3-4 hour space between connecting flights.)

travel tipsq

Create a travel fund

My final tip is if you want to travel more this year, create a travel fund! When you have a travel fund, you can take advantage of most of the other tips I mentioned. DIGIT is one way that I save without trying! It is an amazing app that makes saving my change easy! Click HERE to find out more.


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