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Up your skincare routine with Olay’s Pressed Serum Sticks

This post was sponsored by Olay, all opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Temperatures are dropping and the holiday season is right around the corner or for some including myself, the holiday events have started pouring in. My goal this season is to look good from head to toe and the glow starts with my face. My plan is to step out in my best skin and thanks to Olay and their new Pressed Serum Sticks, I am achieving just that! Keep reading to find out why you should add the Pressed Serum Sticks to your beauty routine which is available for purchase HERE.

Titi's Passion

Life is busy as it is and I bet like me you have a million and one thing you have to do and if like me you are all about simplicity you would love Olay’s Pressed Serum Stick. It is an easy addition to your skincare routine. Below is the caboodle that I received from Olay.

OLAY beauty products

How cute is this Caboodle!

Titi's Passion

It comes in three variations

What is better than one? Three! I absolutely love that Olay created products that address different skin issues cos let’s face it depending on the time of the month or season, our skin requires different treatments.

olay pressed serum sticks

I love the size!

pressed serum sticks

Pressed Serum Stick with B3 + Sake Kasu for Refreshing your skin If you need a jumpstart to your skin, the Refreshing Serum Stick is a great addition to your routine. It has Sake which contains amino acids and antioxidants which will help invigorate your skin.


Pressed Serum Stick with B3 +Cactus Water for Cooling your skin. It is filled with Cactus Water which contains electrolytes and antioxidants which gently cools and soothes your skin.

Titi's Passion

Pressed Serum Stick with B3 + Vitamin C for Brightening your skin. it is super-concentrated with hydrating ingredients, plus Vitamin B3 and Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a naturally occurring antioxidant that brightens skin.

It is easy to apply

It doesn’t get any easier than the Pressed Serum Sticks, I absolutely love the ease in application. It glides on easily on the face (so no fingertip business or figuring out the correct portion to use.)


My results

I used the Brightening with B3 + Vitamin C since my goal this holiday season is to have glowing skin. My skin absolutely loved this product. I love the mild scent and love that the product easily absorbs into my skin without leaving any streaks.


How to Use: 

Wash face with your favorite face wash, apply Olay Pressed Serum Stick and finish with your favorite moisturizer. You can use the serum sticks day and/or night.

skin care routine

Skincare Tip: Always try on a new product overnight at the back of your hand before introducing it to your entire face.

You can take the Serum Stick with you anywhere, so you can get that glow wherever you go. Which serum would you love to try?

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