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5 tips to packing like a pro featuring my Samsonite Novaire Spinner

When it comes to packing are you team last minute or do you absolutely love packing? Maybe not absolutely love but you get the gist. I am somewhere in the middle but one thing I truly do effectively is maximizing my luggage space. For my trip to Paris and Marrakech, I packed a total of 20 different looks, over 10 pairs of shoes, a few bags, accessories, etc all in the luggage set you see below and nope I didn’t pay for extra luggage in fact my luggage was just over by one pound which the airline let through without any issues. Yes you read that right, I packed 20 different looks, the good thing is that I packed for 2 different kinds of weather so that made packing not too crazy.

titilola sogunro

Invest in good luggage

Whether you plan to travel a few times a year or if you’re more of a frequent traveler like me, investing in good luggage should be a top priority. There are so many brands and options these days but top on my list is luggage that is light, durable and has wheels! Yes, 4 wheels are a must, I don’t even know what I did before 360-degree spinner wheels like the Novaire Spinner by Samsonite.



Samsonite Novaire Spinner

For this trip, I used the Novaire 28″ Spinner and the 20″ spinner in rose gold gifted to me by Samsonite. (Thank you Samsonite) Samsonite is a trusted name when it comes to luggage and it’s my parents preferred luggage dating back to the 90s!  I absolutely love the features of the Novaire which also comes in silver, metallic green (love!) and black. I flew with this luggage to two different continents and back without any issues, they are simply made to last! You can get my luggage set now for 50% off, don’t miss out on this deal!

samsonite novaire spinner

Only pack items you will wear (by planning ahead)

I love to only pack what I am going to wear so I always take photos in advance and use apps like unfold to create a lookbook. This way I never overpack or underpack and most importantly it makes getting dressed super fast cos I know exactly what I am going to wear, that way when I arrive at my destination I am not wasting time putting looks but enjoying my vacation. Also, it is a great way to avoid forgetting items!


samsonite luggage

Leave the heavy stuff for your carry on

Rarely do airlines actually weigh your carry on except when it looks super bulky so my first pro tip is to pack your shoes, bags, curlers, steamers in your carry on that way you maximize your luggage allowance. This alone is a game-changer.

longchamp tote

Roll don’t fold

Yes, roll your clothes don’t fold them cos rolling takes less space! I am sure you might have seen people do this and wonder why it is an awesome tip that I encourage everyone to try. P.S. it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Carry a tote 

I love Longchamp totes and I absolutely don’t travel anywhere without them! They are space savers and they fold up nicely when not in use. This is my 4th and my 2nd personalized Longchamp tote, that’s how much I love them. They are priced reasonably and can take a lot! I mean literally they do. I just usually place them on my carry on and put all the extra stuff like my neck pillow, my jewelry (because I have expensive pieces and not so expensive ones)


When packing hats, stuff them with your clothes and also put them in the corner of your box and surround them with clothes too. It will arrive intact! Also, place your delicate outfits (sequins, tulle, etc) in plastic bags to avoid them getting messed up during travel.

hatch hat

Thank you for reading, I hope you picked up a trip or two.




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