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Motherhood: Three things no one ever told me about being a mom

Hi, how are you doing? Just in time for Mother’s Day in the US, I wanted to share a personal post on Motherhood and the things no one ever told me about. You can see my past personal posts HERE. Motherhood is a beautiful thing but in my 9+ years experience of being a mother to now, 2 children it has come with its fair share of challenges and I would be lying if I said it has only been happy moments. Keep reading to see 3 things no one ever told me about being a mom.


Motherhood: Three things no one ever told me about being a mom

Motherhood truth: Mum guilt is real

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I never really heard about it or maybe I just wasn’t paying attention when my friends who were moms shared their tales.

Bottom line, that issh is real yo! like real real LOL.

I laugh now typing this but I have so many moments sometimes on a daily basis that I felt that “I am not enough and I am not doing enough and I’ll never be enough.” Which honestly is the truth and the earlier I embrace that the easier this life journey of being a mom will be easier. I can’t do everything and that’s fine. It’s hard work! You can’t either and who can (side eye to all those moms that go about acting like they got this whole thing figured out) I am still working to accept it and it definitely isn’t defeat its just reality. It takes a village after all.

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Motherhood truth: You don’t have all the answers

When I got pregnant with my first child, I read every book I could get my hands on from what to expect when expecting to sleep training, etc. I wanted to be as equipped as possible. Lies, lies, lies LOL.

Asking questions doesn’t make you any less of a mother, it just makes you a better one.

You can never be fully prepared on your own, you just don’t know it all and the sooner you seek help and ask questions and lean in and accept help and make good use of your support system the easier this journey of motherhood will be. From your partner, family, friends, doctors, teachers, etc.

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Motherhood truth: You won’t be the same person afterwards

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From your body to how you think and how you feel, motherhood changes all of that so brace yourself! I am not the same person I used to be 9 years ago and initially, it was difficult to embrace all the new changes. From my body (don’t get me started on that LOL cos I struggled) to how I just viewed life differently. Anxiety, postpartum, the list goes on. Marriage made a difference in who I am today but nothing quite changes your life like the gift of being able to carry and birth life.

My best advice here is to embrace the new but don’t lose yourself.

It took me a while to find some balance but you will be doing yourself a great disservice if you don’t at least try.

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Ending this post with a message to all the mommy shammers (I have been guilty of the same thing) please be kind cos you honestly don’t know what that mom has been through. To those who aren’t quite in that phase of life yet or not sure, (kids are expensive LOL) so enjoy life but note that children are blessings and nothing will change you and soften you and make you a better human period. My last message is for those hoping and praying for this, don’t put life on hold while you wait for your miracle.


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