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Five ways to prepare for Spring that doesn’t involve shopping

Spring is almost here and with the new season comes new fashion and the temptation to shop or plans to shop for new items. I am all for shopping for the new season but before you whip out that card here are a few things I hope you would consider. They are useful tips that I use each season. The ultimate goal is to have a closet that is functional and in use most times and that is what I am here to help with.

New Season

Wardrobe audit

A wardrobe audit isn’t just about purging your closet, it entails a little bit more. Every season I ask myself these questions which not only helps with the process but helps me make better shopping decisions.

Titi's Passion

                       It is super helpful in creating a capsule wardrobe too.

Why did I buy it? How does it make me feel? When last did I wear it?  What patterns am I noticing in my purchases and closet? Am I okay with what I see?

Capulet Pansy Dress

I’ll use myself as an example when it comes to my shoes I have noticed over the last year I have leaned towards Nude tones and neutral colors (browns, nude, light pink, black, silver and gold) It works perfectly for what I do as a blogger and IRL. I always have a pair of shoe for any outfit. But moving forward, I want to buy more colored shoes now since I have a good amount of neutrals.

Head to the cobbler/shoe repair shop and seamstress

Another way that you can prepare for the new season is to get your current outfits and shoes fixed. I have a lot of shoes that need heel replacements and some of my favorite jackets and dresses that need to be dry cleaned and mended. Instead of leaving those items at the back of the closet for “another time” I am being proactive by getting them Spring ready. Get the worth out of your wardrobe by doing this.

polka dot dress

List all unworn items and fairly used items for sale

A lot more people will be looking to add items to their closets and they can do that from buying items you own and don’t use. Poshmark is a great place to do just that. I made over $2,000 last year from selling just a few items in my closet. Just last week, I sold a pair of shoes I hadn’t worn for over 6 years. I kept it cos I thought I would still wear it but after over a year of not wearing it, I sold it. I am currently doing another closet audit and my plan is to create a page just for my readers to shop my closet for less. It will be a link on my website.

atlanta fashion blogger

Create a system

If you don’t already have a system to your closet, now is the time to create one. It’s something I will be working on soon (a video most likely )to let you know how I keep up with my closet. A system lets you get the most use out of everything you own. I practice this with my kids’ clothes too, so they get enough wear out of an item before they outgrow it.

Atlanta blogger

About my look

I linked everything I am wearing below, my Pansy dress by Capulet is on major sale under $60! If you’re a gold or higher member at Shopbop, you can even save more! The actual designer Capulet also has the dress on sale in a lot more sizes. See HERE. This polka dot wrap dress is made with linen and is the perfect date nite, girls nite any night wrap dress. It runs true to size, I am wearing a size small.


Repeat steps for your makeup purchases, accessories, beauty, etc

My last tip for you is to repeat steps 1 to 4 for your makeup, accessories, beauty purchases, etc. We tend to pay close attention to clothes and shoes but we also spend on accessories, hair, beauty too. Taking the time to audit what you own, what works, what you use here is also important. It’s amazing how many full bottle products I find when I do this. It has helped me stop buying items that I know for sure didn’t work and stick to only buying the essentials. I do this with my underwear too, I stopped buying from certain stores because I noticed some are just not worth the hype or cost.

Street style

I hope these tips help you get ready for Spring and beyond. Next up, I’ll be sharing a new Spring look and I am working on a video. Thanks so much for reading.


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  1. March 20, 2019 / 1:45 am

    I am just about doing this and then I read your blog. Lol.. so true. Love your dress btw.

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