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When in Bermuda: Highlights from my family vacation to Southampton, Bermuda

Bermuda was the perfect vacation spot for me and my family this past December for many reasons which include the beautiful blue beaches, pink sand, the laid back vibes and it was low season. I am a bargain traveler more than anything else, so heading to Bermuda in the later part of the year is a great option if you’re looking to save some money. Keep reading to see why I love this beautiful Island and FYI this is my second trip there. I only go back to places I absolutely love. See VIDEO highlights from my trip HERE  in case you missed it on Instagram.


Close to Atlanta

Bermuda is about a 2.5-hour flight from Atlanta like most Islands are so it was also perfect option cos of the distance. The temperatures in December is usually in the mid-60s to low 70s so more of cool weather not super hot. I loved the weather but the wind on some days was a bit much. We decided to stay in a resort because we were taking our kids and we wanted some alone time sans kids. We stayed at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel and it was the best decision.

Titi's Passion

titi's passion travels

P.S we took our photos using a tripod and our DSLR

Jobson's Cove


The Fairmont Hamilton Princess (there is another Fairmont property in Bermuda) is located in the city center, close to shops so renting a scooter or hailing a cab or walking around is super easy. The Fairmont has access to a private beach club at a close by the hotel. We chose the Fairmont because of their amazing kids’ club and they also had a Gold Level (access to food and beverage an amazing lounge all day.) It also saves you money and time looking places to eat.

kids on vacation

How we dressed up on Christmas Day

christmas pjs

The Fairmont Princess Bermuda Kids’ Club

My kids got to visit the local Zoo and Aquarium on excursions organized by the hotel. They had a Pajama party and enjoyed supervised playtime too. There is also a playground access at a property close by. It was the best thing, they got to learn educational stuff (Bermuda Triangle info, etc) and we got to chill and enjoy our vacation too. I highly recommend booking a hotel with a kids’ club access if you want a few hours away from the kids. Find out more HERE.

It was a very windy day on this particular beach day, hence the light jackets.

glamorous dress

marcus bermuda


Other things to know

Bermuda is a bit on the expensive side, the main reason is that they import most of their goods hence. Cab fare isn’t exactly cheap either. We booked a cab for three hours to tour the city it cost us $150 USD. It is worth doing to see more of the city and educate yourself about the country. Tips are automatically added to your bill at restaurants. Easy to navigate the airport, not busy for the most part. The People of Bermuda are super friendly.

fairmont bermudaBeautiful beach and pink sand

We used it as an opportunity to go to Jobson’s Cove a beautiful beach, where we took our family photos and had a fun beach day.  Pink sand, shallow water, perfect sunny weather! This beach is quite shallow, so perfect for kids and non-swimmers. Bermuda has one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen and I have been to quite a number of places. What I love is, most beaches are just as beautiful as the next.

asos gold button one piece swimsuit

jobson cove, bermuda


We visited one of the local spots for lunch, (it took a while to get our food, so be prepared) but the Jerk Chicken was so good and worth the wait!! It is called Woody’s Restaurant. The price point is pretty decent too (plate of rice and beans and jerk chicken for $15.) Don’t leave Bermuda without eating at Marcus’s Bermuda! It’s more of a fine dining spot by popular chef Marcus Samuelsson It’s Island style so you don’t have to show up super dressed up. Friday night was Reggae night, which was fun. Their chicken and waffle and even the cornbread was so good. The Jerk Chicken and Seabass too was everything!

asos snake print dress




Last thing

Visiting Bermuda in December saved us a lot of money. Our hotel was half the price it would have been in the Summer. I also loved that it wasn’t crowded from the beach to just going about town. We also booked our trip 3 months in advance (ticket prices was under $400 per person) We didn’t venture too much outside or get on the local ferries. This was an end of year super chilled vacation after all. P.S you can find my other travel posts HERE.



  1. January 11, 2019 / 3:56 pm

    Wow! I’ve never thought about visiting Bermuda but after reading your post I’m adding it to list of places to visit. It’s looks incredible, I love the beaches. Thanks for sharing.

    P.s You have a beautiful family

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