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Managing expectations in relationships

Managing expectations in my relationships(mostly friendships) has been something I struggle with sometimes. I was recently chatting with one of my sister and she mentioned that she was considering ending a friendship or to put it in a better way re-evaluate the relationship due to how it became a one sided situation. I love this affirmation recently posted by Alex Elle ” I give myself permission to step away from one sided relationships” for your own sanity it might just be the best course of action. That isn’t my focus today, I am sharing lessons I have learnt from managing my expectations.

titi's passion

Before I dive in, Atlanta’s Summer has been super hot like most places so staying stylish but comfortable has been a priority for me. I love this chambray (light denim) jumpsuit called the Yesi Denim Jumpsuit by Ladyee Boutique. The price point is fantastic under $70! a steal in my opinion and I love Ladyee Boutique for their quality pieces. See all the times I wore Ladyee HERE. I am wearing a size small (my regular size) so it runs true to size. I am 5’6 (just above average) so length wise it is worked perfectly. The belt detail is a huge selling point for me too, it defined my waistline.

ladyee boutique

You can shop my accessories below.My clutch is by F& W Style.


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5 ways to Managing expectations

It isn’t always about me

I would be lying if I said I didn’t like attention from the important people in my life as it should be right? But I am learning to understand that I won’t always get that but it is perfectly okay. It is okay for people to not always be there cos who honestly is that perfect?

Give the benefit of doubt….

This can be a tough one but thinking the best versus assuming the worst makes a huge difference. I hope the best in my friendships but sometimes people fall flat but it’s perfectly okay. Keeping scores doesn’t help and sometimes they might be going through something that they just aren’t ready to share.

Stay in my lane…

Sometimes, it is okay to step back and be okay with that. This can be tough without alienation but I can testify that some friendships have changed for the better from jus Don’t leave room for grudges but be there if needed.

managing expectations

Don’t give up just yet…

Just because someone is being weird now doesn’t mean they will be in 5 months. Patience is key in relationships, so take a chill pill, like literally lol.

The feeling might just not be mutual…

Just because you place high expectations in a friendship doesn’t mean the feeling is mutual. This can be hard to swallow but learning this has saved me a lot disappointment.

While I touched on friendships mostly, it does apply in your relationships with your significant other, kids, parents, etc. Remember to give yourself the permission to step away if it comes to that cos live goes on and you don’t want to stop your’s from moving forward. Thank you for reading, check out similar posts HERE and please share your thoughts on this topic by commenting below. Don’t forget to shop my jumpsuit HERE.


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  1. July 28, 2018 / 7:34 am

    Love love the post Titi.. so damn real!

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