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Celebrating National Best Friend Day with Kendra Scott

National Best Friend Day is tomorrow! Did you know that? A holiday to celebrate the best gal or guy in your life is something that I can get with and I hope you’re with me! To celebrate this National Holiday, I have partnered with Kendra Scott to host an event at the Atlanta Shops Around Lenox location. If you live in Atlanta, stop by the store tomorrow June 8, between 3-6pm. There is a 15% off promotion going on and there will be drinks, food, a braiding station and lots more. Grab your girlfriend and meet me there. I decided to put a different twist to today’s blog post and share my thoughts on friendship. Keep reading:-)

kendra scott

With Instagram these days,  I see a lot of  #friendshipgoals and it got me thinking of what I consider important in a friendship. What I am about to share represent my thoughts on friendship and you might disagree with some of it.

kristen rose gold statement earrings

Before I dive in, I am wearing Kendra Scott pieces from their Summer 2018 collection. I selected rose gold cos it is perfect for Summer. I am wearing the KRISTEN ROSE GOLD STATEMENT EARRINGS IN LILAC MOTHER OF PEARLMegan Cocktail Ring.

Also pictured above is the DEDRA BRACELET from the COLORBAR offered by Kendra Scott. It involves picking your metal and stones to make your very own custom bracelet. It is a fun experience for you and your girlfriends. Did you know that Kendra Scott also make nail lacquer, you should check it out, I absolutely love this nude color I am wearing.

I picked up my dress from  Impeccable Pig. They have stores located all around the country and you can also shop online. Linen is big this Summer and this rose pink dress is perfect for the season. My shoes are by ShoeDazzle.

 Friendship Goals

Honesty/Transparency/ #truth

This is number one on my list. Honesty is big for me in a relationship and it is everything to me in friendship. It is pointless trying to build a meaningful relationship without trust or by telling lies. White lies, green lies or whatever it is called, I appreciate honest people! Tell the truth and leave the lies for the frenemies, LOL. It might take some time to get to the point of being transparent with a friend but honesty should always be on the table IMO.


What is friendship without one being able to count on a person. I know people fall short sometimes; but having that quality most times, is what I consider #friendshipgoals.

Titi's Passion


If I can’t trust you with what I say to you in private, heck what is the point of the friendship. No one wants to be friends with someone who talks smack behind their back.


This is the definition of friendship goals to me. There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother #fromthebible that is the kind of friendship I strive for and what I want in my life. Someone who will always be there no matter what live throws at me. “Nobody wants a fair weather friend” as my mom puts it. Be consistent in friendship, be the same person at all times.

Friendship is one of the things we get to pick unlike family, so don’t invest in friendships that aren’t satisfying your needs. I am all for giving people second chances, maybe even thirds but don’t be a doormat. Don’t forget there are different types of friendship so don’t expect one friend to be able do everything. I have friends I discuss my finances with, ones who help me with my spiritual life, ones who help with my business, etc.

the impeccable pig

Last thing, friendship to me isn’t just limited to just women (I have amazing guy friends!) or someone of a certain age, status or religion. I don’t adopt the whole “no new friends” saying either. Hope you enjoyed reading this. You might also enjoy reading this POST.


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