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5 ways to win Valentine’s Day this year

Win Valentine’s Day this year and without breaking the bank; how does that sound? I was thinking of a different way to share today’s fashion look and I figured I use the chance to share some of my tips for men and women (Valentine’s day should be a joint effort IMO) from what I know to have worked based on my 15 years plus experience of being together with my husband. Don’t get me wrong I am no relationship expert but one thing I am good at, is gift giving and I am practical so I have you covered no matter your budget.  And guys Valentine’s day is important whether you want to admit it or not, YES love should be celebrated always but honestly what is wrong with ONE day set aside to celebrate LOVE the most important thing in this life,  lol.

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Plan ahead

It’s the number one cardinal rule. Fellas don’t wait till the day before to order flowers, book  restaurant, etc. It just doesn’t work. Case in point about 12 or so Valentine’s ago my hubby decided to wait till a few days before to secure reservations at a restaurant. Most were booked and we ended up in a restaurant where the seats were squeezed together (I couldn’t do half of a full arm stretch without hitting the couple to our left and right) we couldn’t even say anything that we didn’t want them to hear, lol. It definitely wasn’t worth the money and time. So find reservations today. Yelp, Open Table are fantastic in helping with that and you can do it online.

Zara sweater

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Use Gift guide or similar wish lists

What was on his/her Christmas list that they didn’t get? Easy right? Just use that as a cheat sheet and buy them something from that list except you got everything on their list which I hardly doubt though, lol. If your partner keeps a Pinterest wishlist board or items she has in her shopping cart.

Win Valentine's Day
love at first bite

Outfit Details

Sweater dress by Zara (sold out online check your local store)

Boots- sold out, by  Sam Edelman

Earrings  gifted by BaubleBar

Bag gifted by Henri Bendel

Need Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration? Check out yesterday’s blog post.


Do something unexpected

A simple overnight getaway to a hotel near home is a fantastic idea. It will cost you less than a pair of high-end shoes or bag and you will create amazing memories together and spend more than a few hours together in a restaurant. That is how I spend Valentine’s Day. We celebrated last weekend with a quick staycation minus the kids. If you can’t find a room right now or it is super expensive? (Valentine’s day is next week after all) Just book the getaway for another time and present it on Valentine’s Day:)
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While going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day is a nice idea (I am over it) why not do something else like have someone make a special meal right in your home or have you can do the cooking. With home delivery services like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron that deliver everything you need for a meal, why not do that instead? Or maybe even call your favorite restaurant and have them make something and you do the set up. Skip the crowded restaurant this year and do this.

Valentine's Day


Valentine’s Day is just about gifts IMO (in my opinion) whether it’s a spa day, concert or stuff. While making your partner something is thoughtful (if you can handle the challenge) I am all for making Valentine’s day special  by spicing things up lol. Yup I went there, why not add some sparkle and fireworks in that department by doing something you know your partner loves! Hey it’s lovers day right? So I’ll end it with that, make the night count pun intended.



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