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Product Review: The Cellairis Bundle– The Best Protective Case Offer for iPhones

The Cellairis Bundle will be the best thing to happen to your phone, and I am sharing why on today’s post. Show of hands how many of you currently own a phone with a cracked screen? In the last 12 months, I have gone through 3 different phones courtesy of my butter fingers, lol. My phones tend to love hitting the pavement honestly, cos that is the only explanation I cam come up with. What the Cellairis Bundle is promising you is that for bundles as low as $49 which includes a phone case of your choice, a Shell Shock Tempered Glass Screen Protector and a Never Pay Guarantee for screen repairs you save yourself hundreds of dollars that would cost you to repair your screen.

The Cellairis Bundle

The Cellairis Bundle is a perfect solution to protect one of the most necessary and expensive items we carry daily. If for any reason Cellairis is unable to repair your screen, they will pay you $150! How awesome is that. Cellairis contacted me for my honest review of their phone case. Aside from the most important reason why you need The Cellairis Bundle which I mentioned above (protecting your investment) I have listed 3 other reasons why I love it.

 ROCK CANDY ROSE phone case

You have to admit that it is a beautiful case

Three reasons why I recommend The Cellairis Bundle

They have a variety of cases for all your devices

The Cellairis Bundle isn’t limited to your  Iphone alone, this service extends to Apple tablets such as the Ipad Air, Ipad mini and Ipad Pro. They have a ton of attractive cases for different personalities, so you will find one that matches your style. I love my Rock Candy Rose case, this bundle is available for $59.

It is durable and inexpensive

Spending $49 might seem like lot for a phone case, screen protector and a service that you might not need but the reality is that the type of phone case and the screen protector you’re getting alone makes the bundle steal.  Also note Cellairis guarantees the unlimited screen repair is valid for 3 years, so no matter how many times your screen cracks in that time, they will repair for free.  I have already dropped my phone a few times in the last 2 weeks since I changed to the Cellairis case and my phone has survived the falls.


They have locations nationwide

While Cellairis is Atlanta based company, they have locations nationwide where you can get you buy the bundle and fix your phone if the need arises. I love that about this service. It makes stress free. Another great thing about having locations nationwide is that you can touch and feel all the different styles of cases that they carry.

Coming soon!

Cellairis is planning to launch The Cellairis Bundle for Samsung phones, so that will be available to customers soon, so stay tuned.

Titi's Passion

Final Verdict

It is worth the money for the reasons I listed above. Don’t be like, avoid the most common cause of damage to your Iphone and protect your screen for a fraction of what it costs to repair it.


If you’re not following me on Instagram make sure do. I recently gave away the Cellairis Bundle to a lucky follower. Stay tuned for more giveaways.


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