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Avya skincare: Beauty line for all skin type

Avya skincare was designed with you in mind by optimizes your unique melanin pathway to help produce even, radiant skin no matter your skin tone (source via In a world where there are limited amount of beauty products catering to all skin type, I love that Avya skincare actually considers melanin when creating it’s products. Read more about the relationship between melanin and skincare HERE. This is an amazing selling point and this perked my curiosity to want to try Avya skincare products.

Avya skincare

Hi, how are you doing? How happy are you with your current skincare regime? Are you washing your face twice daily, moisturizing and incorporating serums into your routine? If your answered NO to any of the questions, then you need to keep reading this post. I was approached by Avya skincare to test out their Eye bright cream (with caffeine) and their Anti-Aging Power Serum with (Vitamin C) for 7 days and today, I am sharing my honest review about the two products.


I am in the 30s and now more than ever skincare has become a priority of mine. Gone are the days where I would skip taking off my makeup before bedtime and whenever I get lazy and skip washing my face twice daily, my skin starts to act up. Who can testify to this? Prior to trying Avya skincare’s Avya skincare’s  Eye bright cream (with caffeine) and Anti-Aging Power Serum with (Vitamin C) I wasn’t using an eye cream or a serum.

When it comes to skincare, I love when I am able to understand the ingredients used to make products. I am proud to say Avya skincare products both passed the mark. The active ingredients in the eye cream include caffeine (fantastic for removing puffing & dark circles) & hyaluronic acid which (restores eyelid skin turgor, via hydration and thickening of the skin, minimizing fine lines) You can read more about the ingredients HERE. The active ingredient in the  Anti-Aging Power Serum with (Vitamin C)  includes Turmeric (hello! I can write whole post on this) & Peony (which has amazing anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.)

A little goes a long way with these products. Two puffs of the eye cream was all I needed nightly.

The Anti-Aging Power Serum with (Vitamin C) retailing for $165 and the Eye bright cream (with caffeine) retails for $85.


After seven(7) days using the eye cream and the serum, here are my thoughts.

The Good

I love the packaging and how the products dispense. They are both in  pump bottles, so I never once used too much product (which means that it  will last you a few months) I love the smell of the products. I am very sensitive to smells, so I was glad that products had a light fragrance and they both had similar smells which meant I didn’t have to smell like a perfume shop, lol. I also loved how the products especially the serum absorbed quickly into my skin.


My skin didn’t react negatively to the eye cream and the serum. I didn’t see much of a difference with the eye cream (maybe if I had dark circles and puffy eyes I would have) but I noticed my skin was glowing within the week of using the Anti-aging serum. I plan to continue incorporating this product to my daily regime.


I felt the eye cream was a bit on the thick side. I am not very vast with eye cream so I am sure if this is the norm.

When trying out beauty products for the first time, always apply at the back of your hand for one night before applying it all over your face.

Thank you so much for reading, find out more on Enjoy the rest of your day.

Thank you to Avya skincare for sponsoring this post.


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