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My thoughts on Contentment

Happy hump day!

While I can go on about my sweater dress, I wanted to share a quick message with you. It is the season of giving and receiving and I decided to share something I have been struggling with lately. Being content! In a world where it is all about “what’s next” and “the next big thing” I have found my self struggling in this area. Up until recently, I just wasn’t content. I felt like I needed to loose a little weight here, make some more money, collaborate with that brand, my kids needed to be a certain way, my spouse needs to be a certain way, etc. The list was endless! I basically forgot to appreciate all that I had and was just focused on what I didn’t have.

Here is what I have since realized about discontentment

It has nothing to do with what I have. As humans we will always want more. Buying more, having more doesn’t get rid of discontentment in the long run. It’s just the way we are built. I realized when I dug further in that I felt discontent because I felt a sense of entitlement, a me problem that I am actively working on.

I also realize that it has nothing to do with other people around me. No one and no thing on this earth can make me feel content. It’s that simple, relying on others or “stuff” for that will only breed discontentment.

It has everything to do with how I see life. The lense I see life dictates how I interpret things. That’s my little spill and I hope it helps somebody. Right now I am in a thankful state and that’s where my focus is:-)

Back to Fashion, how gorgeous is my sweater dress?


 here is a list of under $75 sweater dresses that I am loving

 I love that sweater dresses  can be styled in multiple ways and you can wear them year after year. I am wearing a balloon sleeve sweater dress by Topshop. Balloon sleeve is a huge trend for Fall. Thinking about other ways to wear them? See below


Ways to Style a sweater Dress

-Wear a jeans underneath your sweater dress

-Wear thick stockings or tights with your dress

-Wear an over the knee boot like I did HERE.


My shoes were gifted by ShoeDazzle and so also were my earrings. I love the velvet trend going on right now and the Gigi Block Heel bootie by ShoeDazzle is a fantastic option that doesn’t break the bank. The Gabriela Stud tassel earrings by BaubleBar are a cult favorite for a reason. They are super light and available in a variety of colors too.

Thank you for reading, enjoy the rest of your day!


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