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How to pick your next formal wear


How are you doing? If anyone asked me what my favorite color was, yellow won’t be on the top of the list. I think that changed with this True Decadence dress. If like a lot of people you struggle when it comes to picking a formal dress for a special occasion, this post is for you. The rules apply to all body types after all style has nothing to do with size. My number one rule is dress for your bust size. Whether your event is a wedding or a work formal event, tastefully displaying “the ladies” is key. 

It might mean sizing up for some of you ladies who are blessed up there, go up a size and present your best self always. Tip for small boobs ladies, ruffles are your best friend. The saying “dress how you want to be addressed” sums up my number 2 rule, I am a wife and mom of two but I am a fashion blogger, so I wear outfits that are stylish but still appropriate for a mom & wife. Consider this every time you want to step out and it will change how you shop.

My third rule is simple, accessorize, accessorize and accessorize! Your accessories matter ladies, your earrings being a major player here. I am loving the statement earrings trend and Baublebar is killing that game. I am wearing their Shimmer crispin drops in black. My favorite part about this statement earrings is that, it is super light! If you are like me and have suffered hours wearing heavy pieces, give Baublebar a chance.

If you are not big on earrings, brooches are perfect too or you could make your clutch the main attraction. I am wearing a cocktail ring which is a perfect for formal wear. Mine are by Misayo House. I am wearing my favorite nude pumps by Christian Louboutin with this dress. Sandals are perfect too. I love wearing sunglasses and this pair is by Quay Australia, available for $60.

My number four rule, when it comes to formal wear is, don’t restrict yourself to certain colors like black and blues. Playing with colors like I did is perfect especially during the Summer.

My fifth and final rule is also very simple, tailoring is everything. If it doesn’t fit correctly don’t hesitate to contact a seamstress. If you don’t have one, hit up your local dry cleaners. They do a great job or will direct you to the right person. Nothing bothers me more, than seeing a well dressed lady who constantly is pulling up her dress or strap.

Dress:True Decadence| Earrings:Baublebar| Sunglasse:Quay Australia|Shoes:Christian Louboutin|Ring:Misayo House|Lipstick:Coloured raine|

I consider lipstick an accessory, the right lipstick is important for your formal outfit. I went for a bold color here which compliments my look, especially since I wore a neutral colored earrings. I am wearing cherry blossom by Coloured rained.

I hope you found my formal wear tips useful. Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day & check back for more Fashion inspiration posts.


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