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Affordable Professional Teeth Whitening at Home by Smile Brilliant


How are you doing? Today I am reviewing a teeth whitening system I had the opportunity to use a few months ago. I was skeptical about whitening my teeth outside of the dentist office as that has been my only experience with whitening but my skepticism was removed after I tried Smile brilliant custom teeth whitening system. I am reviewing this product almost 3 months after I stopped whitening my teeth just so you can see how amazing this home teeth whitening system is. What I love about Smile brilliant is that the steps in whitening were similar to my experience at the dentist and the best part, it is an affordable teeth whitening system. Keep reading to see how you can win a system.

I am not sure what your reason behind whitening is, but for me I was tired of seeing my discolored teeth in my blog photos. Below is what my teeth looked like before whitening. I took this photo during the day with no flash and editing.

Smile brilliant home teeth whitening system offer a simple step-by-step system to teeth whitening. Below is what you will receive in the mail.

The first step is creating dental impressions  to correctly capture your teeth and ensure proper whitening, after all have different teeth structures, so you know a one size fit all system wouldn’t be as effective in whitening.  The instructions that came in the box made it pretty easy to create my impressions. This custom dental impression is similar to what you get at the Dentist’s office, the only difference is that you create it at the comfort of your home, which is a major plus.

The box came with a return envelope which I sent back to Smile brilliant to get my whitening trays.

Creating your impressions

You will need the items on the top of the box to create your impressions. The blue trays, the catalyst and base paste. While you only need 2 of the each pastes, I love how Smile brilliant included a third tray just in case you make a mistake. (I did, lol)

Once you stick the paste mix to the tray, you have a limited time to apply it on your teeth before it hardens up.

It took Smile Brilliant just a few working days to send back my whitening trays.To be honest when I received my trays, it still took me a few months to start the actual whitening process because I didn’t know what I was getting into. What if it messed up teeth? With the encouragement of my patient rep, I went ahead and started using the system.

You start each whitening session with brushing your teeth with water and them apply a little of the whitening gel on both trays and leave for 30-45mins+ depending on your tolerance level. I have sensitive teeth, so 30 minutes was my max.

After whitening, it is important that you follow up with the desensitizing gel, it addresses teeth sensitivity and ensures your teeth stay white.

This is what the guard looks like when placed on the teeth

This is what my teeth looks like after whitening for 3 weeks and photo taken a few days ago, months after I whitened it.

 This photo was taken in the house with no editing or flash used

Here is a comparison before and after

What do you think? Smile Brilliant
exceeded my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone interested in
whitening their teeth.

Final thoughts

Follow all the rules to ensure no problem with
the system. The desensitizing gel is a wonderful product. I used it on its own
for a few days when I experienced a bit of teeth sensitivity.  

One lucky ready is going to get the opportunity
to win this Smile Brilliant’s Whitening system. Click on THIS link to enter to win this teeth whitening system. Save $15 off any tray set with code titispassion15 and 5% off with code titispassion5.

Thank you so much for reading,
enjoy the rest of your day.


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  1. July 4, 2017 / 5:06 pm

    This was the BEST dentist visit I have ever had. All of the staff were extremely friendly and helpful. I will and have reccommended this office to friends and implant Calgary

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