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My review of the Sonic Touch Cleansing System


How are you doing? I am sharing my beauty find for the month of April today. I present to you my new favorite beauty product called the Sonic Touch Cleansing System. It  is a face and neck beauty instrument used for deep cleansing. It is similar to the Clarisonic brush and Clinique brush which I reviewed last December. If I reviewed one brush last year, why am I reviewing yet another brush you might ask? Keep reading to find out why.

Even though I received the Sonic Touch Cleansing System for free, here is my honest opinion about it. 

Reasons why I love the Sonic Touch Cleansing System 

It has two sides built into one brush

This by far is my favorite feature about this brush. Unlike other similar systems in the market the Sonic Touch Cleansing System has a side for your face and another side with the neck. We know washing doesn’t stop on the face, so this brush has you covered.

It is made with durable silicone

Another thing I love about this brush is that it is made with silicone. Unlike other systems which have brush heads which have to be replaced every few months because they wear out, this doesn’t need to be replaced. Yes you read that right, think about the hundreds of dollars you will save over time. Also  you can see clearly and no dirt is trapped in the system.

It is super affordable

The Sonic Touch Cleansing System retails for $34.99 which is way below other similar powerful systems which on average cost upwards of $100 plus. 

It is super easy to use

All you have to do to operate the Sonic Touch Cleansing System  is press the power button located clearly in the center and it starts to vibrate, it’s that simple!

It performs an amazing job

I used this brush for almost a month to be able to review it properly and I didn’t notice any difference in performance compared to other similar system. It cleansed my face and removed all makeup and dirt build up. 

Products I use daily, Cetaphil is amazing for all skin types and Cerave is a mild lotion for your face

The bigger silicon head is for the neck

The  smaller side is for the face

Blue light comes on when it is turned on

It comes with a USB charger and one full charge lasts for over 30days

What I dislike

My only issue with the Sonic Touch Cleansing System is that it doesn’t turn itself off automatically like other systems in the market which have a 1 minute timer. You have to time it yourself, so you can over wash if you are not careful. I usually just settle to stroking the brush all over my entire face and neck once and turn it off. 

I would definitely recommend this system to anyone looking for a deep cleanse because washing your face with soap and water is simply not effective, especially when you use makeup. This brush does a fantastic job. I use it once or sometimes twice a day. Thank you for reading, enjoy the rest of your day!


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