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How to stylishly wear t-shirt and jeans


Thank God it’s Friday right? The weather is gloomy here in Atlanta kinda the way it was when I was shooting on Sunday. To the disbelieve of some,  I am honestly more of a t-shirt and jeans kinda gal. With my busy life and running after 2 kids & sometimes a lazy dresser in real life (am sure some of you can relate.) I live in tees on most days I actually swap my jeans for leggings too 🙂 This was why I decided to share how to stylishly wear t-shirt & jeans. You might think I do this all the time or it’s so basic but with my rules you would look far from basic in it.

I am wearing a one size fits all sweater by makemechic & t-shirt is by NGBL Global both items were gifted to me. I love the pattern on my sweater and the fact that it doesn’t have buttons, that way it isn’t limited to any particular bust size, it is a one size fits all after all. If you are worried about quality, don’t be, I own quite a number of items from Makemechic and they do well after washing cycles. Plus if you have never shopped with them, you can save 20% off.

T-shirt:NGBLGlobal|Jeans:Topshop|Sweater:Makemechic|Shoes:SamEdelman|Sunglasses:Quay Australia| Lipstick:Colourpop|Watch:Daniel Wellington|

I love the message on my t-shirt. It is also available in white for $24.70 & they also have a sleeveless option too. This would make for a perfect addition to your t-shirt collection. Graphic t-shirts are IN this spring (like they ever were not, lol) so doesn’t hurt either. I am wearing a size small, my regular size.

I decided on fitted jeans because it puts this look together. Baggy jeans would have thrown off the proportions since my sweater is loosely fitted. This is key in pulling up a stylish look like this one. It all has to flow. Mine are by Topshop and on sale for $45.

Styling Tips

If you are going to wear a bagging shirt like what I wore here, make sure your bottom choice whether a skirt or jeans are fitted. It doesn’t have to be tight but it needs to be a good fit. Anything else and you would go from stylish to sloppy.

When you opt for a fitted t-shirt ensure that it isn’t too small. Buy fitted t-shirts with a bit of stretch in them like this one by NGBL Global.

Your shoe choice matters, it’s easier to pull off this look with heeled shoe; preferably sandals or pumps. 

My shoes were a last minute choice & I would also wear heeled patent pumps too. I picked this because I find strappy shoes sexy.

Wearing the new Classic Petite watch by Daniel Wellington. Save 15% off this gorgeous mesh watch with code TITILOLA.

I am working on a hair post on my next wash day which is next weekend.

Thank you so much for reading and hope you have a great day. Leave a comment to let me know what you think, cheers!



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