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All You Need To Know About Liketoknow.It


How are you doing? If you have ever wondered how exactly works or what it is in the first place? This post is for you. is a shopping tool created by rewardstyle (An invite only affiliate program for bloggers) to give you direct access to shop your favorite Instagram bloggers (like me, I hope, lol) posts.

First off was created for you, if you are on Instagram a lot (I know I am.) This method of shopping is super easy and I am sharing different ways to utilize this tool. Yes bloggers including myself make money from every sale made using this tool. (I put that information on the right side of my blog) Are there cookies that follow you when you click on this link, yes similar to those when you shop online.

Method 1 (Shop from your Inbox)

How? Sign up with This is a must if you want to get the details of my looks in your INBOX. Don’t want daily emails? You have the luxury to decide how often you get these emails. You can opt for every time you like photos, daily or even weekly. That way your inbox isn’t flooded constantly.

This is what the e-mail usually looks like

It shows everything I am wearing as you can tell. Once you click on the item, it takes you directly to the merchant.

Method 2 (Shop from a designated INSTAGRAM SHOP PAGE)
This is my favorite way to shop using All you have to do is click on the SHOP MY INSTAGRAM tab on my blog and viola, you see the last 9 Instagram images I posted that are enabled.

Here is what it looks like once you click on a photo

Click on the item you are interested in and shop away.

Method 3 (Shop via screenshots using the app)
This the newest and for those who love to screenshot images of their favorite blogger, this is especially for you. Wondering how exactly this works? Follow this simple step,
-Download the new app (currently available only on Apple devices)
-Screenshot your favorite blogger photos
-Open the app and you should see the shopping links to the image you screenshot.
The best thing about this method, it works on Snapchat images and Pinterest images too.

Here is a simple video which shows you how to do this. I will have my video up soon.

How can you tell if an image has this feature? Look out for the white or black heart on my images.

I hope this gives you more understanding on how works. Please leave a comment if you have any questions.


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