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Why you will fall in love with Condesa Coffee Cafe & Espresso Bar


How are you doing? It’s Fat Tuesday better known as Mardi Gras and I hope you unlike me you have plans to celebrate later tonight?  (I blame it on mommy duties) Thank you for stopping by the blog today. I know we all have our favorite coffee shop and while I am sure most of you would mention one or two well known franchise for one reason or another, you will have to agree with me when I say most lack in character what truly defines the essence of a coffee shop. I had the pleasure of visiting Condesa Coffee Cafe & Espresso Bar here in the Atlanta area and got a taste of a true cafe.

Condesa Coffee was started by Daniela Staiculescu a Romanian native who has called Atlanta home for over 21 years now, so is truly an Atlantan. She has witnessed all the changes the city has gone through over the years. I asked Daniela why she decided on a coffee shop as a business venture and she mentioned it was because she wanted to contribute to the community. Condesa Coffee has two locations in the city, one on Old Fourth Ward & the other in historic Auburn Avenue. The photos you see are from the Auburn avenue location which will be celebrating its’ two year anniversary next month.

I love the ambiance of this location. It is in  historic building with the original walls still intact. A little history, this space used to be a coffee shop back in the 40s, how cool is that?

Condesa Coffee is a stand out because of the details from the sourcing of their coffee which is from Counter Culture Coffee to the character of their shops. Their first location in Old Fourth Ward has been around for over five years now.

I got a chance to try out their newest addition to their menu, Liege Waffles. The only time I have tried Liege waffles is from the prepacked dry food section at Costco. This was simply divine! The waffles are made to order for $5 and you have the option to add either chocolate or blueberries as toppings. Did I mention it is super filling too.

Cookies and croissants at the counter window. I could to try a Almond croissant, it was so yummy.

I had a latte and my husband had their hot cocoa. I could taste the love that went into the drinks and as a coffee drinker I know when I have had a great coffee drink versus a generic one. This was definitely gourmet coffee.

I love this sign

I had an amazing chat with Daniela while enjoying breakfast. She talked about started a spoken words event which I think would be phenomenal. This location is close to Georgia State University, so a perfect spot for college students who are looking for a new spot to enjoy coffee and study.

Loved their menu

Enjoying my waffles

Delicious hot cocoa

If you are looking for a specialty coffee in the city with character that so happens to serve yummy Liege waffles, you will love Condesa.  

Thank you for reading, enjoy the rest of your day!


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