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Winter Hair Routine for Natural Hair


I am finally sharing a hair post today! I know I haven’t been consistent with it lately and I promise that changes this year. My goal is a comprehensive monthly hair post keeping you up to date with my hair routine. I can proudly say that I haven’t straightened out my hair in over 4 months, my longest stretch so far. You can read about my hair journey here. I am getting my hair trimmed in a week so I will be straightening it then. I have found some amazing products that have worked wonders on my hair and my daughter’s hair this winter and I am dishing it all today.

My Prepoo routine

My go to routine before wash day has become a mix of my two favorite oils the night before or few hours before I wash my hair. It has helped tremendously in keeping my hair moisturized all Winter. I mix half coconut and half olive oil in a bowl and apply it from root to tip as the pictures below show. You don’t have to be natural to use this mix, it works perfect on relaxed hair too. Read more about Prepooing here.

I use my regular cooking Olive oil

I always use a brush to comb out (detangle) her or my hair before I place a cap over it. The oil makes it easier to brush hair versus when it is in its dry state. I use a brush with big bristles like the one pictured in the background.

Viola, that’s it!

My favorite Natural Shampoos and Conditioners

Mielle Organics

I use this on my daughter’s hair now and the results have been amazing. I couldn’t find the shampoo, so I used one I had at home. Their products smell amazing and works wonders on her curly hair. I love that the leave-in conditioner is in a spray bottle and that it is light, so very little build up occurs. I am also in love with their Avocado hair milk, I love it on my hair too. I apply it every other day on our hair. It is great for twist outs too.You can find Mielle Organics on Amazon, at your local Target stores nationwide.

L’Oreal Ever Curl Hydrocharge Shampoo (coconut oil) & Conditioner

I received free bottles of this Shampoo and conditioner and I am blown away by it. I didn’t expect much from L’Oreal when it comes to natural hair. First of all, it is sulphate free(prevents dryness) which is perfect for black hair and second it contains coconut oil which works wonders on hair. I didn’t notice any major difference compared to other natural hair products. It smells great too. Both the shampoo and conditioner are affordable ($7.99 each) and it is what I currently use for my hair on wash days. You can find it at your local drug stores, Target, Walmart or Amazon. Be sure to get one with coconut oil because they have different ones.

After Washing her hair

Conditioning Tip
Apply conditioner on hair from root to tip and cover with a plastic cap for 30+ minutes. See a detailed wash routine post here.

What my hair looks like after washing and conditioning it

Her washed & conditioner hair

Styling routine

After applying leave-in conditioner, I always use a light gel, my favorite is by ECO Styler Styling gel with Argan oil to keep my edges laid. It doesn’t break our hair.

Ways to avoid hair breakage

I avoid breakage by removing it from the high bun when I am home. I simply wear it in two big braids. I have also realized the quality of my hair ties is so important. Which is why I use Kobo ties now. It doesn’t snag or pull my hair. I don’t see hair breakage when I take off my hair ties now. I also wear my satin cap over my hair at bed time daily. I go light on hair gel and use hair milk to sleek my hair down before applying hair gel. Another major hair tip, I use my spray bottle mix every day or every other day and only brush my hair daily, I never comb it. 

Spray bottle mix

Olive oil, water and my fav leave-in conditioner

Kobo ties

My go to hair style

Thank you for reading, if you try any of the products I recommended please leave me comment to let me know how it worked for your hair.


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