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Travel Tips for Paradise Island| Nassau, Bahamas


Thank you for stopping by the blog today! I have my first Travel post of the year today. I am sharing the things you need to know when traveling to Nassau, Bahamas. This is my second trip to Nassau (I visited almost 5 years ago with my girlfriends.) This time around it was a family trip, so I have tips for when traveling with family or with friends. I have being to a few Caribbean Islands and Nassau is one of my favorite because of its’ beautiful beaches and super friendly people. I’ll start with why we picked Nassau for Christmas and I am sharing some of my favorite photos from the trip.

Why we visited Nassau, Bahamas

A warm place to spend the Christmas holiday.

 I don’t know about you, but I love being away from Christmas preferable some place warm.

A place that had entertainment for the entire family. 

We stayed in Paradise Island because the Atlantis Resort is located there and they had us covered. There was stuff for everyone from Aquaventure Water Park, to the Casino, Club, restaurant options (Nobu, Chop Stix, Posiedon’s Table,etc), Beach and other activities.We walked around to a lot of places too, so coordination was pretty easy.

It is close to Atlanta

Nassau, Bahamas is only a 2 hour flight from Atlanta. It was perfect especially since we were traveling with our kids.

Relatively inexpensive

Traveling during Christmas aka peak period to most Islands can be quite expensive, one of the reasons we settled on Nassau was because it was cheaper than other Caribbean Islands like Cayman Island or Jamaica (I have been to both places.) 

*Mexico is one of the cheapest places to visit during the holidays. Hotel prices are usually your highest cost during the Christmas season compared to say flight cost. 

Things to Know when traveling to Nassau, Bahamas

-An American dollar has the same value as the Bahamian dollar, so you don’t get any advantage for your dollar. 

-Restaurants in Paradise Island are a little on the high side (but nothing crazy) especially with the equal exchange rate so keep that in mind. Definitely go to Poseidon’s Table for Breakfast (it’s buffet style), it’s worth the $38!

-You can find cheaper food outside of Paradise Island, but with cab fares to and from, it pretty much almost evens it out. 

-Explore outside Paradise Island though, visit the Fish Fry It is an area to get local authentic Bahamian food. Oh Andros was my favorite. The Fish Fry is filled with hole in a wall restaurants, so have cash in hand, some don’t take cards like my fav Oh Andros. Portions are huge and food is inexpensive. This is where the locals hangout.

-We didn’t rent a car, FYI they drive on the right side of the road. I would rent a car next time.

Cabbage beach is beeautiful! especially if you are staying in the Atlantis resort, it’s less crowded. The public side gets a bit crowded but nothing too crazy.

Cable beach is another beach option away from the Atlantis.

-There are tones of day trips/escorts and touristy stuff to do. I went on a tour of the Island when I visited with my friends. It was a blast.

-We went on a night time boat cruise that provided dinner and entertainment, which was so much fun too.

-Take comfy shoes, you will be doing a lot of walking around. Take your stroller if bringing a young child.

-The cab drivers aren’t very consistent with pricing, so ask your hotel front desk so you don’t pay more. 

-The price for a day at Aquaventure is $161 per adult, staying there gives you access to it everyday, so weigh your options. It is a fun park, I have visited the one in Dubai too.

-Can’t afford to stay at the Atlantis but want to enjoy its’ facilities? Stay at the Comfort Suite hotel next door. It is no 4 star hotel but for the perks, it is worth it in my opinion.

They have free life vests at Aquaventure for kids and adults which was awesome

I went on a few of the rides, it was so much fun for us and our kids

                             Buy fresh coconut at the beach, try Bahama mama & Pina Colada

I wasn’t drinking coconut water, lol I had a cocktail in my coconut

Exploring Downtown Nassau, this was fun I did a shoot there

Make sure you try Conch, its a Bahamian tradition

You must definitely try the Fried Snapper

Conch Fritters is another local delicacy, I loved it! 

Birthday dinner at Nobu, book way ahead of time if you want to get reservations to this famous restaurant. Their sushi is so amazing!!

Some moments captured on my phone

Missing this view, can’t wait for my next adventure

Thank you for reading, enjoy the rest of your day!



  1. January 4, 2017 / 12:13 pm

    Very lovely pictures and great tips too.

  2. January 24, 2017 / 6:26 pm

    Titilola, your entire family is beyond GORGEOUS! WOW! WOW! I mean you are so Blessed. Your beautiful princess and of course your handsome prince and kingman
    Can I give Amen for your skin…glow-up:)))))) Blessings + Health

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