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My review of Pure Growth Organic Products


How are you doing? I hope you had a great weekend? I am doing something new today, reviewing Snacks, specifically kids snacks. As a mom of two young children planning for snack time is a daily part of my routine and honestly it can be a little tasking finding great options. Well this was the case until I was introduced to Pure Growth Organic Snacks.

I almost always shop organic, so buying snacks filled with artificial ingredients and sugar is definitely not an option for me. Over the years I have gravitated towards buying organic fruits because I got tired of trying different organic snacks, most of which my kids didn’t care for because they didn’t taste great, bet some of you can relate. I am munching on their Mickey Shaped chocolate animal cracker as I type this post. They are divine!

If you are like me and love feeding your kids organic food, you will love Pure Growth Organic snacks. I am not saying this because this is a sponsored post, but speaking as a mom who finally found a winning snack company and a foodie who appreciates quality products. Everyone in my house love these snacks (so they technically can become your household go-to snack) Did I mention that they are so yummy! I can breathe easy knowing that I am feeding my kids organic snacks that they love.

Another thing  I love about Pure Growth Organic Snacks is that they carry a variety of products, sizes and flavors from breakfast biscuits, to animal crackers to popcorn, pretzel, snack mix (they are so delicious) chips and flavors such as chocolate, strawberries, etc. They have something for your kids no matter how much of a picky eater they are.

My kids  lunchbox is getting  a makeover thanks to Pure Growth Organic snacks

 Organic snacking is not boring or bland with Pure Growth Organic

 My kids love the attractive packaging and it is so fun for them to eat little Mickey Mouse or Minion crackers. Fun Facts about Pure Growth Organic
They are made in the U.S
They have no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, MSG and absolutely no trans-fat
They are affordable

 They are kid approved

 You can read the label below

You can find Pure Growth Organic Snacks at your local Walmart, and on Amazon. If you are like me and love convenience, order yours online. Perfect for busy moms.

Head to your local Walmart to purchase Pure Growth Organic and let me know what you think! I will definitely be adding this to future birthday party packs. Thank you for reading, enjoy the rest of your day!



  1. January 30, 2017 / 8:39 pm

    Will definitely try these!

  2. July 28, 2017 / 6:34 pm

    Are these Vegan friendly?

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