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My beauty Routine with Clinique Products


It’s almost the weekend, I don’t know about you, but I am excited! Speaking of exciting things, I am sharing an amazing collaboration with Clinique today. Ladies, while wearing makeup is all well and good, taking care of our skin underneath the makeup should always take priority. One name in the beauty industry I personally have been a fan of and have used their products countless of times is Clinique. Today I am sharing my morning ritual using their products. You might have your own routine down to a science but have you heard about the Clinique Sonic System? Keep reading to see why it should be a part of your routine and much more.

I received the Clinique Sonic System (complimentary) about a few weeks ago  and honestly I haven’t put it down since I started using it. This is coming for a loyal Clarisonic user (I have owned my Mia for over 6 years) so you know this is major!

Why I prefer the Clinique Sonic System 

The brush head

A section of the brush is specifically dedicated to handle the parts of our face that needs a little extra TLC. The T-zone areas for example. This different colored brittle (green) is a little harder to tackle those part of the face, cos we know our skin tends to have different things going on in different sections. I for one tend to have breakouts in the corners of my face, so this has made a big difference.

Still on the brush head, it is so soft but effective. I made the mistake of going through multiple cycles (It is programmed to stop after one) and I experienced extra sensitivity on my face for a few days, so don’t overdo it, lol.

The price

Priced at $89.50 this product is a steal for all that it does. Comparable systems in the beauty industry are priced well above theirs.

Easy to use

Ladies and guys, yes they have a system for guys  (a perfect holiday gift too) Just switch on the only button on the cleanser and you are good to go, it’s that simple.

I would highly recommend this product because it will help you get the most out of your beauty cleansers and remove all your makeup every single time!

Step 1
I switched the original head that came with the brush with the Clinique city block purifying cleansing brush This brush head is specifically created to draw out pollution, dirt and oil to deeply purify skin. It gives the skin extra attention, I use this brush on days I want a bit of TLC on my face.

Step 2 
I used the Clinique city block purifying cleansing brush together with the Clinique Pep-start exfoliating cleanser to wash my face. The exfoliating cleanser has little balls like most exfoliants to deeply cleanse the skin.

                                                             It feels amazing on my skin every single time

 Step 3

After washing my face and drying it, I applied the Clinique city block purifying Charcoal  on my entire face. I left this face mask for 5 minutes and rinsed it out with warm water. I love the tightness it gave my face after I was done and the slight tingling sensation. It is recommended that you use this once or twice a week.

                                                                            My bare face after I used the mask

Step 4

I followed up with the Clinique Pep-start moisturizer I loved the lightness of this moisturizer and the light scent. I loved that it absorbed into my skin quickly. It is an oil-free moisturizer too! It left my skin hydrated.

Bonus (Body cream)
This body Clinique Happy Gelato Cream  smells divine! I use it when I want to skip applying a body spray or perfume, the scent lasts long and it literally feels like butter, lol. I have always been a  fan of Happy the perfume, so this is perfect. It comes in different scents too.

Thank you so much for reading, enjoy the rest of your day!
*I received the items from this post from Clinique for  free for my honest opinion. Shop the items on my beauty list below, thanks.


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