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How to find a great vacation deal this holiday season


How are you doing? I hope your weekend is up to a great start? I haven’t shared a travel post in a while so trust me this one is worth reading:-) The holidays are around the corner and most of you are making plans which includes gifting family and friends with one thing or the other. Did you know that people in general prefer an experience as a gift option versus a say a tangle gift? So keep that in mind this season while shopping for your loved ones. Why not book a trip versus buying that expensive handbag or even book a spa day versus buying a gift card. I’ll take a vacation anytime over a bag or shoe anyday, lol. I will be posting unique gift guides all of next week, so check back. Now to Holiday deals, lol

The best times to travel during the holidays for extra, extra savings is right before Christmas or after the New year celebration. If you can make plans during those times, I strongly suggest you do because most hotels usually have amazing deals then. Here are a few samples below with links, so get to booking, lol.

See deal here

Last year I traveled for Valentine’s with my family, that is another time of the year to book a trip on a budget at a great price, hotels and airlines will still have deals then (most people haven’t recovered from the holiday spending.) So if you might a little stretched out with your budget over the holidays, you can plan an affordable trip then.

How to save on your Christmas vacation

If you are like me and want a Christmas getaway, here is how you can still save.
Take advantage of Cyber Monday deals
Just like most things will be on sale the Monday after thanksgiving, hotels will have great deals just for that day. I once planned a staycation for the Christmas holidays in one of Atlanta finest hotels for well below the  average nightly rate. That year I just wanted to getaway from the regular routine and have someone else do the cooking and cleaning, lol. So check out your favorite hotel in your city or travel sites as,,,, (they have deals beyond the US, so if you live in Canada or the UK you can use them too) for deals.
Travel on Christmas day or aka be Flexible
I have found that it is cheaper to travel on Christmas day itself versus say the 23rd, the 24th could work too. Play with the dates and book an early flight on Christmas morning and save on average  $50 or $100 off your flight.
Travel to a place no one else is going
While going to Nigeria (I am Nigerian) or Hawaii or some Caribbean Island like Jamaica sounds fantastic, it is super expensive during this time of the year. Why not travel to Dubai (super affordable hotels there), some parts of Mexico (super affordable during this time if you target say Cancun or Puerto Vallarta which are both beautiful, see my posts by clicking on the names) Bahamas is another option. I love my vacations to be warm, so I skipped including cold cities.
*If you are look for a good travel agent that would take the stress out of planning, I highly recommend Jollof Travel, used them for my recent booking the were amazing!

Read more about how you can SAVE on Travel from a previous post and remember Travel is the one thing you can do that enriches your live. If you are traveling with kids these holidays make sure you check out this post. I have finalized my Holiday plans and I can’t wait to share my vacation photos with you. Enjoy your weekend!


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  1. November 19, 2016 / 12:12 am

    My aunt's a cruise travel agent, and hubby and I are heading to the Bahamas in February! I think we got a great deal on our balcony rooms and I'm so looking forward to it. I think I should look to plan another trip for later on in 2017 though.

    Berry Dakara Blog

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