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Monthly Gift Femme Care


How are you doing? I hope you are having a great day. I am sharing a review post with you today. My review posts are on items that I receive for free from a company for my honest opinion. Please be assured that I only share my true opinion. Today’s product is by Monthly Gift. As the name might have hinted, this is about feminine products specifically for that time of the month. I don’t know about you but I do not like shopping for feminine products, lol. I just wished that every month everything I needed magically appeared, LOL. With Monthly Gift, you get that wish answered.

 I am that girl who used to send her boyfriend to the store and now I ask my husband to buy my feminine product sometimes (He doesn’t like doing this,  lol.) If you are like me, why not spare your man the embarrassment (so he says, lol) and opt to receive everything you need for your period. 

With Monthly Gift you have the option of selecting from three boxes that are customized based on your period profile  (answer three questions) just before you sign up for the service. Each box contains up to 36 high quality femme care products (a mix of pads, tampons and liners) selected for you based on your profile. The price of each box starts from $10 and up per month. I love that they also have a free app to track your period, symptoms, alerts, reminders, etc. I was already using a similar app in the past, so this is a bonus.

You can get your first order for $5 today and did I mention each box comes with chocolate! and it was pretty good chocolate too (trust me, I know the good kind,lol) So cross another item off your list and get your little black box delivered to you every month. For the convenience and price point of $10 a month, I am ready to subscribe to this service too. Why not give it a try, you know you spend more than that every month on feminine products:-) Thank you for reading and please hit the subscribe button to keep up with my posts.


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