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LumiTea 30 Day Detox System update


Thank you for stopping by my blog. Its hump day and I am trying to get back into the swing of things, as I had quite a slow start to the week. I am sharing an awaited update on my 30 day detox  cleanse review with LumiTea. This post was actually due last week, so I apologize for the delay. You can read my first post here and my last update here. Week 3 with LumiTea for me was very different. Read on, to see what I mean.

 I started to experience a difference in my body physically. I had already chucked this tea down as good, but nothing spectacular until week 3! Guess it took my body a few weeks to get adjusted, lol. 

Week 3 results with LumiTea Detox Cleanse 

Reduced Sugar Cravings

I noticed that I wasn’t craving sweets as much. I love jelly beans (specifically, Trader Joe’s jelly beans) and my spouse would testify to this, lol. I just didn’t feel that need to “have at it” like I did on a daily basis.

Curbed Apetite

I wasn’t as hungry. I might be on the small size, but I love FOOD! I am a huge foodie. I noticed that I literally had to remind myself to grab a meal. It definitely curbs your appetite.

Reduced Bloating

I noticed that I wasn’t as bloated compared to the week prior. Its one thing I have always struggled with since having kids (especially when I haven’t been eating right:-), so this made me especially happy. 

Weight Loss

The last thing I noticed or rather someone around me noticed was a change in my weight. While I haven’t been on the scale, weighing myself on a weekly basis (Remember I dislike the scale, lol) A friend who hadn’t seem me in almost a month, informed me that I was leaner. This tea will help you loose weight*.

*Here are some things you need to know though. I go running a few times a week, so I am sure that definitely contributed to my weight loss but I’ll say this I didn’t make changes to my diet. I eat healthy 75% of the time to give you an idea what my diet’s like.

If you are on a path to a healthier you, I will definitely recommend this tea as  part of your daily routine. It is packed with healthy natural herbs after all. Week 3 changed my mind, the lesson here is to be patient with anything new and wait for results. Thank you for reading and remember you can save 15% off your first 30 day detox system by using code TITI15.


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