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How to stay Organized: The Clever Girl Finance Life Planner


Thanks for stopping by my blog. I mentioned last week that I was going to share how I am staying organized this year. Today I am sharing with you, one of the most important tools that is keeping me accountable. I am more of a free spirit and I love going with the flow in general but I have realized over the years with a husband, two kids, businesses, etc having a schedule is needed for my sanity, LOL. Before I continue, this is NOT a sponsored post, I bought this planner and I am sharing my experience with it.  There is a way you can win one for yourself though, keep reading:-)

Some people don’t believe in planners, they have calendars (that used to be my excuse). I used to just ignore the fact that they serve two different purposes. What makes this Life Planner by Clever Girl Finance different from other planners you might ask? Here are reasons why how and why I think it’s different.


This is the first Planner I have seen that addresses all that I am about. A Female, Boss Lady, Entrepreneur, Fashionista, Mom, Go Getter (ok, I’ll stop, but you get where I am getting with this, right?) So if any of those words speaks to you, it is for you. It is made with  YOU in mind. 


The pages of this planner comes with everything to help you achieve your Life Goals. I love those words. Life Goals are more than a year’s effort and this planner addresses that. What I want to do, why, how I am going to go from here to achieving that goal,  you know the real stuff. It asks the important life questions. Your  Finances,  Budgeting, End of month accountability, etc

I have tried  a life planner once that left me confused half the time. This isn’t that planner. Everything is laid out clearly and it comes with useful instructions. I love that is a compact book, that I can carry and write in whenever. I love that it is not dated, so you can start using it anytime of the year!

I love the design and the two gorgeous color options available. Its not just useful but pretty too:-)  It also has amazing encouraging quotes on the pages of the planner.

I love the notes cards

Get your copy here  and check out Clever Girl Finance for useful Finance tips and much more! I am going to giveaway one planner to a lucky Instagram follower. For a chance to win, check my Instagram page @titispassion for the rules. Thanks for reading!


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