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11 reasons why you are experiencing hair breakage

It’s been a while since I had a hair post up on the blog and for that I apologize. I have been working on a video (in my head) I keep making excuses on how awful it will be. In any way, bear with me while I gather myself together and get the video together. I have been meaning to blog about hair breakage for a while now, breakage/shedding can be specific to a region or it can occur all over! Over the years my hair has experienced breakage at one point or the other. Here are some of the reasons why and much more.

Dry hair/scalp

Hair grows from the root up, so having constant dry scalp can lead to hair breakage. Hair that doesn’t hold on to moisture aka dry hair is fragile or hair that is not being moisturized will most likely experience a great amount of hair breakage. 

Too much manipulation

Do you find yourself constantly pulling, combing, coloring, styling your hair? Yes this can lead to hair breakage. Hair strives best with minimal manipulation. Switching hair from style to the next without breathing room can cause hair breakage. 

Too tight Ponytails/ Hair styles

I am sometimes guilty of  the Ponytail crime, lol. Pony tails are cute, but when they are too tight, they pull hair and will cause hair breakage. Are your braids too tight, do you leave your stylist after a weave because it was pulled too tightly? It will cause hair breakage.

Leaving a style for too long

How long do you have your weaves, braids, crochet braids on? This is a major contributor to hair damage and breakage. Know your hair and its threshold for hair styles. Just because you know someone who keeps her braids for 8 weeks with no issues doesn’t mean that will be your case.

Your lifestyle

Are you drinking enough water? Are you taking vitamins? Are you under a lot of stress at home or at work? When you workout, how are you managing your hair? All these factors will contribute to the state of your hair whether its thriving or in bad condition.

Change in weather

Change in weather can change the state of ones hair to go from healthy to unhealthy. I have first hand experience with this. I have had to change my routine when the weather changes from Winter to Summer. Same applies to wet and dry season in other parts of the world.

Bad nightly routine

What is your night routine like? Do you go to sleep with a satin/silk cap or sleep on a satin pillow? Or do you neglect to protect your hair nightly? Are you taking extra steps to maintain your edges?

Over-treatment of the hair

Did you try that fantastic new hair product without following the instructions to the T? Protein treatment is a classic example, do it wrong and you could experience a great amount of hair breakage. Are you over doing it by applying way too much products too often thinking it will work better for your hair? This will cause hair breakage.

You are using the wrong tools

What do you use to comb your hair when wet versus when its dry? What brushes do you use? Are you combing the right way? What do you use to straighten your hair? The answers to these questions makes a difference on the state of your hair.

Use of direct heat too often and without protection

I have no issue with using heat on hair, its the steps leading to direct heat that could contribute to hair breakage. Never curl or straighten your hair without protection. Knowledge of the right products is also very important. Just because it says its a protectant doesn’t mean it will work for your hair type. Using heat too often can and will lead to unhealthy hair.

Not getting frequent trims

This should probably be number one right? I put it as the last reason because I am hoping you scrolled all the way to the end of the post. No matter what anyone tells you, TRIMS ARE IMPORTANT. Its one of the most dreaded things to do, but for healthy long lux, trims are important. I think its a mindset issue and once you understand its importance for the overall state of your hair, it will change your mind. Just because you are natural doesn’t exempt you from that box. It is as crucial!

This post was all about creating awareness for some people and a reminder for others who constantly find themselves guilty of one of the above. On my next post, I will be addressing methods and tips to stop breakage. What works and stuff not even bother about. Watch this space for my hair video, I promise 🙂 and remember the state of your health says a lot about your overall health.


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