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Some Hair Questions Answered

Happy Friday y’all and thanks for stopping by my blog. I get asked a lot of questions so I decided to share some of the answers to the questions today because someone could benefit from it. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact me at

                        My hair texture when damp, in braids, flat twists and straightened

Can I really go without a relaxer and still have healthy hair?

I asked this same question to a friend a few years ago and she encouraged me to give it a try. I will however caution you, if you are not willing to invest some time and effort, DONT take the plunge. You will end up with split ends and damaged hair. If you don’t have the time, invest your money in a  good hair stylist (: (More on this next week) 

How will I manage my new growth?

Transitioning hair requires the utmost care and the right products for your hair type. Yes there are different hair types and knowing that will make your transitioning process smoother. Even if you see a hair stylist once a month, KNOWING this will guide you in your hair management.

What are the different hair types?

Here are charts that show the different hair types. You can find out what your hair type is, when its damp. I will however say this, don’t be bogged down or obsess over your hair type. Depending on what you do to your hair, coloring, products, age, it can change in texture, so your product choices will change. I will say focus MORE on your goals be it healthier hair, fuller hair, growth  or any combination and what will work for the goal. (Images from Pinterest)

Click on the images to learn more

Can I use the products you recommended for kids on my hair?

Yes you can, a lot of the products I recommended here and here are fine on adult hair too.

What are some good ceramic hair straightener brands?

Click on the image for more details

HSI Professional Flat Iron (best seller on Amazon)

Remington S5500

Professional grade ONE Legacy Flat Iron, pricey but worth it

My Truth and the importance of hair goals

Just like with everything, it is IMPORTANT to have defined goals. If you don’t, you will find yourself swaying here and there and trying different things based on advice from different people. Just Google black hair and you will know what I am talking about. I experienced this first hand and I got discouraged sometimes.

My personal goal for my hair 2.5 years ago was to stop using relaxers and have hair that I could easily manage. I love wearing my hair straight, so I wear it straight BUT my ends are in great condition because I protect them with the right products. Sometimes I wear it curly, sometimes in braids but that’s just me. My daughter’s hair is worn curly or in a protective style.

Some people don’t like heat in their hair and that’s fine too. There are hairstyles and products to manage that too. Most importantly have REALISTIC goals, your 4B hair will not become a 3A, embrace what God has given you. I will continue next week.



  1. April 26, 2015 / 4:23 am

    Hey Titi, thanks for the great info. Please can you send me your stylists name and number. Thanks

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