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Quest for a great diaper bag

Diaper bags are one of those necessary evils , LOL There are a lot of variety out there at every price point imanginable.  I have always had a love hate relationship with them. With my first child I just bought one which I liked and stuck with for the first year. It was very functional but not that fashionable ( it had the typical wild print of most diaper bags.) This time around with my second child I l waited a longer time before I purchased one. I actually went without one for over six months. I used organizers for months and would just switch them as I changed purses but it left me with the only option of always carrying a big bag. I love my mini crossbody bags, so this created another problem and lets face it I want her stuff separate from mine.

I realized quickly that the best option for me would be a fashionable, light,  functional and fairly priced diaper bag that I could use and that my hubby wouldn’t mind carrying either.  I wanted something I could carry by itself and would still make a fashion statement. I found a few options and finally settled for the Armani Junior Nylon Diaper bag in Navy blue. It met all my criteria and I haven’t been happier!. It is so light, wipeable, perfect size( not too big, not too small) holds a lot of stuff (for the hoarders) comes with everything most diaper bags come with and super chic (clean lines and no fuss). Love the messenger style too!  I do wish it was priced lower though. I purchased mine on sale. It comes in a variety of beautiful colors too.

A cheaper option similar in shape but a bigger size priced at $120 but also can be found on sale fairly often from sites like for $50. I love the Maclaren brand in general so is a durable very option too. It comes in a variety of colors also.





  1. August 28, 2017 / 11:54 am

    Agreed with you, there are a lots of varieties of diaper bags but the ones you've mentioned are dope. Thanks for the help. Love your blog. Best of luck!

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