The perfect Gold dress

I have a thing for ruffles and I am not ashamed to say it lol. I hope your Friday is off to a great start. I have not had a formal event to attend in a while (Can someone invite me for a wedding already, lol) so while I am dressed in this gorgeous gold dress, it's all for the blog. My dress is by from a line called ONE by New Friends Colony and although my color is currently sold out, you can snag it in black for $114.10.

Styling my Ankara tote by Ankaranimi

Thanks for stopping by the blog today, I am styling one of my favorite prints Ankara today! I love that instead of an Ankara outfit, I am carrying a bag in the most gorgeous print. Ankara also known as dutch wax reminds me of home:-) I am Nigerian and Ankara is the most used fabric in making traditional wear. My shopper tote called the Mayowa is by Ankaranimi a designer based in the United States who sells a variety of Ankara pieces at amazing prices. My tote is available for $50 but you can save 15% off with code TP2017. I am also giving away this bag to a lucky reader, keep reading for details.

Denim Jumpsuit

How are you doing? Fashion Tuesdays are back so is my fro. My crochet braids lasted well, it grew my hair and was the easiest protective style I have ever worn. Give it a try if you are on the fence. Today I am sharing this denim jumpsuit by J.O.A with you. I have a thing for jumpsuit bathroom issues aside, this strapless denim is so chic and comfortable.

Ruffles & Gingham

It's Friday and I hope you have a chilled or fun weekend planned? I plan on having a chilled one, catching up on some of my favorite shows and planning new things to share with you here. I thought I was over the gingham trend when I found this ruffled top that got me all excited again. It is by Stylekeepers, one of my favorite contemporary designers. Their tops are simply put, amazing, see past posts HERE.

Styling the girlfriend jeans

How are you doing? I hope your week is off to a great start? I had the intention of posting this look yesterday but the day got so busy and I apologize for that. I own a few boyfriend jeans but recently looked into getting the girlfriend jeans. The girlfriend jeans is similar to the boyfriend but hugs on the the body curves better while still a little slouchy. I am sharing my take on how to style the girlfriend jeans and I decided to wear  it with the Sarria Top by Style Mafia via Shopbop.

How to work the pearl fashion trend

I hope you have had a great week? I am ending the week in pearls. Pearls/ pearl embellishments have been a big trend this Summer. This dress I wore a few months ago is a classic example and let's not forget a Summer favorite, this  pearl sandals. My striped top and pants are both by Zara, my favorite high street fashion store.

How to style a Corset top

How are you doing? I am sharing an easy and fun way to style a corset top and the best part is that it is super affordable. I wore this corset HERE a few years ago and I wanted to share a different and fun way to style it. My blue lace skater skirt is by and available for $23 and also in Ivory.

Tulle Special Occasion kids dress by Monbebe Lagos

I am a huge fan of tulle when it comes to special occasion kids dresses. I won't lie, I simply love tulle and this tiered tulle dress called the Morange dress by Monbebe Lagos was my number one pick for my daughter's four year old shoot. What is not to love, from the sequin and lace details to the carefully layered pink tulle. My little girl felt like a princess and didn't want to take it off, lol.

Pink Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits have always been my go-to fashion when I have I want to looks stylish without too much fuss. The right jumpsuit sets you apart from the crowd. This pink jumpsuit is by Topshop, one of my favorite high street shops. I love colors, so naturally I picked the brightest option they had. It also comes in black, blue and yellowish-green. See other times I wore jumpsuits here.

The Classic Little Black Dress (LBD)

How are you doing? Last week I shared a post on how to style a little white dress and while putting that post together, I realized I had never shared a classic black dress post. A black dress is a must have in any woman's closet and today's midi lace dress by Maje is a perfect example. If you are struggling with items to add to your closet that will stand the test of time, invest in a classic black dress.