What to wear to work: Casual Fridays

Hi guys, hope y'all had a great week? Today's fashion look is inspired by casual Fridays. If I worked in a corporate environment, I would definitely wear this outfit to work (or maybe switch the denim for slacks depending on my work environment.) The great thing about this outfit is that it transitions easily to a Friday night look. 

Winter Fashion: A-Line Skirt

Hey there, thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you had a wonderful weekend? My weekend was a blurr, I had so much going on, so glad it's Monday. Today's winter chic post was inspired by the A-line skirt. I have always worn A-line skirts of different lengths all my life, so this look was always in the works. The secret to the perfect A-line skirt for your body is picking one that fits perfectly on the waist and a length that you are most comfortable with! (Confidence is everything in whatever you wear.) Above the knee or a few inches below the knee is perfect. 

Lifestyle Blogger: A day in my life

Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope your week has been going great? I decided to switch things up today and share a day in my life. A typical Sunday for me starts with a quick 2 or 3 mile run before I get ready for church. Sunday is my favorite day of the week to run because its usually super quiet outside. I will be sharing more of my fitness routine in a few weeks. I decided to throw a few of my favorites for my look to church. A big part of my style always involves recycling my wardrobe. I wasn't in the mood for makeup, so I just wore my favorite matte stain and I was out the door.

What to wear: Cocktail Dress

Hi guys,
Thank you for stopping by my blog! I am starting off the week in this halter neck dress. Once in a while I have moments when I walk into a store and find a piece of item that fully describes my style. Classy, sexy with a bit of edge. This dress by Zara is an example.

Sneaker Street Style :Nike Air Max

Hello and thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog! It's Friday after all so I will just jump right into my post. As promised, I am sharing how I reworked this Wildfox Couture sweater (It has a saying on both sides, cool right?). Monday's post was more of a dressier/glam option, while today's showcases a relaxed option. Let's get right into it:-)

Lace maxi skirt + a sweater

 Hi and welcome to my blog! Hope you had a wonderful weekend? I  had a pretty chilled weekend for a change, which was awesome. This week I am styling a blush  sweater by Wildfox, two ways. Today with a gorgeous lace maxi skirt by Maje. Stay tuned for Friday's post to see how I rework it.

Ankara Jumpsuit

Hello, yay its Friday! Thanks for stopping by the blog today:) It's weekend style inspiration! I am such a huge fan of jumpsuits, just type jumpsuit in my search box on the right and see the different options I have worn in the last few months.  I am an even bigger fan of Ankara/ African fabric or Dutch wax! I am African, after all. I knew I had to get my hands on this  gorgeous jumpsuit that marries two of my favs!

Glam Chic in Sparkle and Fur

Hi guys and happy new year! It's the first working day of 2016!!! I probably wouldn't be this excited if I had a 9-5 gig, lol. I have a lot of plans for the blog this year and I can't wait to share them with you as they unfold. The warm weather in Atlanta was short lived and we are back to colder temperatures. It's the start of a new year after all, so I am starting it in  sparkle and fur (faux).  SAVE A FURTHER 20% WITH CODE "YOSALE."

Standout in the New Year

Hello and happy new year!! Thank you for visiting my page today. I hope you had a fantastic New Year's eve celebration.  I rang in the new year with my family at church in our usual tradition. Today I am sharing a fashion look that is perfect for a New Year's day party. Sequin has become the go to fabric for new year's outfit so I decided to go with something different, feathers!!