My Experience at the "Table of 20" hosted Erica Dias

Hey y'all,
This past weekend I had the pleasure of being invited to Erica Dias’s event, “Erica’s Table of 20.”  Erica is one the brains behind The B Firm a public relation firm here in Atlanta and also owner of the vintage fashion store, Vintage and More. Erica is a California native who moved to Atlanta a few years ago and started the table of 20 along with her sister Ashley Jernigan as a platform for women and men to share their stories, motivate and inspire one another.  These events usually have a guest speaker, someone prominent in the local community address the group.
I arrived at the event which took place in the private room at the Café in Neiman Marcus, Atlanta and was swiftly hugged by this stunningly beauty with a warm smile. She recognized me immediately and she led me to my assigned seat. On each table was a swag bag that included a lot of useful products and information. (We all know how some swag bags come with “stuff” but not particularly useful. This wasn’t the case here.
By nature I am more of an introvert but the group of individuals at this event made it so easy for me to come out of my comfort zone. The room was filled with intelligent, business savvy, friendly entrepreneurs and working professionals and I was able to network with them.
The event started with a brief introduction by Erica and what the Table of 20 was about. This was the 17th table of 20 event. Everyone introduced themselves and during the event everyone had the opportunity to talk about what they do and share fun facts about themselves. What I loved most about this event was the openness of both the host and the guests. This event definitely attracts the right type of people.
Erica and her sister Ashley
The speaker was local news anchor Sharon Reed who moved to Atlanta about 9 months ago to anchor the news over at CBS Atlanta. She owned the room not just because she is intelligent and beautiful but I loved her style of delivery. She shared her story and answered every question asked and I loved her genuineness. One line that stood out to me was when she mentioned the difference between a career and a job. She defined a career as being “an extension of yourself.”  Being fearless, having plans and visions and having a “go for it attitude” are some of the other nuggets I picked up from our speaker. 
New Anchor, Sharon Reed
Erica also left me with some nuggets that I will carry with me. “Faith it, till you make it” was my favorite of them all and having a vision board. I could continue to list all that I gained from these individuals, but that would take too long. You need to attend one of her events to experience all that it is and more. 

Some more images from the event


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