Superhero Themed Party

Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog. I have been MIA for a bit because I actually decided to stop blogging for good. But recently a few good people changed my mind so I decided to continue blogging:) I have decided to commit to a once a week blogging schedule for now. 
Today I am sharing pictures and DIY ideas from my son's fifth birthday we threw earlier this month. I love throwing small parties and   working on diy projects, so his birthday gave me an opportunity to put my creative chops to work. 
I love Etsy and I draw so much inspiration from there! If you don't shop on Etsy you are missing out! I love that it is a platform for small businesses, I operate a small business and nothing brings me more joy than supporting one:)
Like most five year olds, my son is into superheroes.  I was looking up ideas on Etsy when I came across this photo booth banner which became my inspiration for the party:) I fell in love with the colors, (I instantly thought vintage superhero) and truth be told I am over the typical superhero themed party colors. Thanks to my hubby for capturing these amazing pictures:)

    Party inspiration