Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog. Today I am reflecting on the last few months as another month ends. My time to take stock of things I have done/ accomplished in the last four months. I look at my goals and scratch some off and others stare right back at me and I feel this sudden pain inside, I have once again left some things undone due to procrastination on my part and some just didn't work out plain n simple. I feel frustrated and a few tears roll down my cheeks afterwards. I decided this morning not to focus on what I haven't done but on my triumphs and things that I am  thankful for today. It's especially difficult to write about what I am thankful for when I am faced with major road blocks but I chose to remind myself of all that I am blessed with and uplift someone's  spirit today after all my bible tells me to be thankful in all circumstances (1Thessalonians 5:18)

Going back to basics

Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog, I know its only Tuesday but I had Friday in mind when I put this look together. In the spirit of shopping my closet more and challenging myself to find new ways to wear my old purchases, I reworked a basic pencil skirt from my closet. As I mentioned in my previous post, I love sequin when done correctly, so I jumped at this sequin crop number when I found it at a steal at a local boutique. It gave new life to my high waisted skirt. To complete my look, I kept my accessories at a minimum and added my favorite clutch and nude sandals. 

Hair Straigtening Q and A

Hi y'all and happy FriYay! I apologize for being a little behind on my hair post today. It has been a busy morning. I will jump right to today's post. I asked my stylist a few questions that I am sure some of you have always wondered about. I hope the information is helpful and if you have any other questions, send an email to

First picture is day #2 after getting my hair straightened and 2nd is day #7

Basmati Jollof Rice recipe

Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog! I am continuing with another blog post for today and this was specially requested by a dear friend. As an African especially being from Nigeria, Jollof rice is a staple dish. Its our go to food for celebrations, you can always find Jollof rice on the menu at weddings, birthdays, etc. It is my favorite Nigerian meal, add a few pieces of Stewed Chicken, some Fried Plaintain and I am in food haven :)
 I try to make it every Sunday for my family. My kids especially, can't get enough of it. I switched to making mine with Basmati rice because its healthier than using White rice. It taste just as good and you don't get that heavy feeling as with White rice. Here is my super easy recipe, try it out and let me know what you think. This whole process takes me about 1 hour.

Sequined out

Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog. Starting off the week in sequins. I love sequins, its one of my go to fabric for a dressy/glam look. I purchased this dress about 6 years ago from Ladyee Boutique and I still go back to it again and again. This mini number by Tracy Reese is perfect for day or night. I added my Leopard print clutch from F&W Style and Wine pumps for that perfect night out of town look. What is your go to outfit for a night out?  This week I am going to blog every day of the work week, fingers crossed it will be a monthly theme :) Have a blessed day!

Taking Care of Braids

Hi y'all and happy Friday! One of my go-to "no heat/ protective"  hair style is single braids. Growing up, my mom would only allow us have our hair in braids once a year during the Christmas holidays. I always looked forward to it and tried everything from box braids to twist :) It is now my go-to hair style in Winter, when the air is especially dry.

Black and White

Happy Monday! thanks for stopping by my blog:) I am starting off the week with a few images in my new favorite dress. This effortless mini number is perfect for the Spring/Summer weather. I went for a monochrome look and added a pop of color with my lip color. I love how you can go from day to night in this dress. Pair with a sneaker for a chic day look. I can't wait to do a rework post in it, stay tuned. How would you style the dress?

Some Hair Questions Answered

Happy Friday y'all and thanks for stopping by my blog. I get asked a lot of questions so I decided to share some of the answers to the questions today because someone could benefit from it. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact me at

                        My hair texture when damp, in braids, flat twists and straightened

Easter at the Atlanta Fair

Happy Easter Monday y'all! Hope you had a nice Easter celebration? I spent the earlier part of Sunday at church and there after my family and I went to the Atlanta Fair. It has been on my to-do list for years now. That just seems to be the case with local activities, I am usually not as proactive. The Atlanta Fair dates back to 1980 and is a tradition for a lot of Georgians. 

Flat twist out tutorial

Hi y'all and happy new month! Thankful for the new quarter that began this week. As promised, I am sharing my step-by-step flat twist tutorial today. Please see below for picture images for every step. My plan is to start making videos soon,  I will add that on the list of things for the next quarter. Have questions, leave a comment or send me an email at