Oscar de Renta exhibit, Savannah, Georgia

Happy new week y'all and thanks for stopping by (: One of my all time favorite cities to visit is Savannah, Georgia. I am a sucker for small cities rich in culture, so if you fall into that category, it should be on your list, on a visit to Atlanta. Judging from my post here and here, it is evident that I love Savannah. So you know I couldn't turn down a road trip with two of my girl friends there. We had talked about going for brunch and catching up locally but when one of them mentioned an Oscar de la Renta exhibit curated by Andre Leon Talley at  SCAD, right there we planned our mini getaway. I love being spontaneous and doing fun things (I will save my stories for another time) but I have to admit, its gotten harder to do that with kids in the picture.  Savannah is a four hour drive from Atlanta, 3.5 hours if you drive a little faster, so we were back home by 10 pm that day.

My daughter's hair routine

Hi y'all and thanks for stopping by. I am sharing a few nuggets on kids hair care today. Growing up in Lagos, Nigeria I dreaded getting my hair done because it was such an ordeal. Crying was part of the weekly routine and sitting down for hours wasting my Saturday afternoons at the hair salon. I knew when I had my daughter I was going to take the time to educate myself on good hair care. I know there are kids hair salon nowadays, but wouldn't it be awesome to know what to do using the right products for your kid's hair?. I am sharing my hair care routine for my daughter's hair and addressing some general questions. There will be more kids hair care post based on feedback from my readers.

How often do you wash her hair?
I wash her hair once a week. 

What do you use?
I use a *shampoo twice a month and a co-washer for the other two weeks.
*I use a sulfur free shampoo brand , specifically Shea Moisture an organic line of hair products.

Reworking my wardrobe piece

Happy Tuesday y'all, thanks for stopping by my blog. I am on a roll this week so I plan on writing three posts, so stop by tomorrow to catch up on the reading (: I  wore this multi print dress last spring here and I promised to find a different way to wear it again. That is exactly what I did today, I decided to wear the dress as a top and I paired it with a white tulle skirt. Tulle skirts are all  in the range these days, they are available in a variety of lengths and colors. I just got bitten by the tulle skirt fever, so expect to see more tulle skirts on the blog. They are understated compared to a Tutu but they still have that same effect.

My hair tips-Part 2

Happy Friday! Hope your week has been great? I hope you found PART 1 very useful? I have added more nuggets to this list. Next up will be kids hair care and then tips from my stylist.

#12 Know about your Hair Products
The type of hair products you use on your hair is so important. For years I didn't read labels or educated myself on what I put in my hair, that has changed drastically over the years. Don't let anyone fool you into buying this product or that, just because it smells great or its what's "in." Do your research and most importantly READ the labels. Just like with food, do the same with your hair products. Google makes it easy, so why not educate yourself and ask your stylist about the products she uses?

The debate about Sulfur in Shampoo
Personally I use sulfur-free shampoo (but I know sulfur isn't the enemy, its derivative matters, natural versus synthetic)  Yes shampoo with sulfur strips away our natural hair oils and can cause hair dryness and irritation but remember your sulfur free shampoo will do the same but at a milder rate. Shampoos do that period.  I personally love Shea Moisture brand of products (they have a broad range for different hair textures). I have had great success with this brand with my hair and with my daughter's hair too. Jane Carter is another amazing brand I love. 

Prints on knit

Happy Tuesday and thanks for stopping by my blog. I was trying to come up with a title post and I just kept drawing a blank, so I settled on the above title. I am loving the weather these days in Atlanta:) The cool Spring weather called for something light, so I decided to throw on my new purchase a multi print knit fitted dress. I love prints and the more colors and patterns the better I say:) 
I walked into a *Fab'rik boutique  the other day with a few friends and decided to look in my favorite section of the store, the SALES rack, lol. To my excitement they had an amazing deal going on, two outfits for the price of one! I was able to score this knit dress and a tweed jacket for $40, I know  major SCORE, lol, Be sure to stop by your closest Fab'rik store, the deal is still going on. I decided to keep everything else simple, so I wore my black booties, a black jacket and a studded clutch. This look will be perfect day or night.

*Fun facts: Fab'rik started here in Atlanta and has since grown into over 21 stores and franchises!! Kudos to Dana Spinola, I love reading about amazing female entrepreneur stories.

My hair tips-PART 1

Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog. Today I am sharing PART 1 of my healthy hair tips. Quick disclaimer,  I am not claiming to be pro, this is simply my account and what has worked for me. I don't think my hair is special, it's simply what I have put into it over the years that is paying off. I was going to start this post with my  long back story but I figured I'll save you guys the time and just shoot straight to the point but not without a tiny little back story.

Time line
First perm -Self applied on my 18th birthday (Yes I was natural for 17 years, parents rules; its a story for another day, till I moved away to college.)
College years-Hair suffered from self applied perms and occasional salon treatment (broke college days) Sorry I can't find pictures

After college years- Experimented and did a lot with my hair

Red, black and fur

Hello and thanks for stopping by my blog. I missed a beat and didn't blog last week, so I am going to have two post this week to make up for it. I was browsing through one of my favorite websites outnet.com when I came across this beautiful faux fur stole and it had my name written all over it! It was on sale at an amazing price, whopping $27! I live for sales, especially when I can find steals such as this one.
 I knew right away that I was going to pair it with my red high waisted skirt. I decided to keep the look simple by adding a black top (I tucked it the straps, to make it look strapless) a pearl necklace and  sexy shoes, the famous StuartWeitzman Nudist sandals. There was so much fuss about the shoes last year, I wanted one but I wasn't going to spend over $300 on sandals, hello Schutz please! 
I treated myself for my birthday and got a pair  at a sweet deal too, over half off the original price. I am sure you see the trend here, I almost never pay full price period (: I am so impressed by the nudist and I see why its a favorite on the red carpet. They are sexy and are quite comfortable.
Well enough of the shoe rant, I grabbed my leopard print bag to complete my look. This is my idea of a date night look. Would you wear this for date night?