Rachel Zoe Fall 2011

I am a huge Rachel Zoe fan (can't wait for next season of her show) so I have been anticipating her fall line hitting the stores. I haven't been a fan of the QVC stuff but this line I love. These pieces are true to her style and  well-structured. Price wise obviously I wish they were more affordable. Even if some of the pieces isn't quite my style, I can still appreciate it.

MEME: What's In my Bag

Hi everyone and thanks again for stopping by my blog. Hope your week has been great? Its so hot in Atlanta right now, am not loving one bit of it. Fall weather come already!! I was recently tagged so here it goes. I got a little carried away with the camera and decided to have fun with it.

This is my black patent leather Ysl Muse bag. I love this bag to bits. Its so roomy, perfect travel bag especially with my toddler and just all around the perfect tote. It wipes off easily even when its exposed to the occassional rain or the regular toddler sticky fingers:) I have had it for a few years now and it still looks brand new and I love that I can skip carrying a diaper bag and just stick everything child related into it and I am good to go. You can tell I definitely love this bag, lol.

Puff Puff with a little twist

Hi Everyone, thanks again for stopping by my blog! I know its been forever, I just have been so busy, like really busy and I haven't had time to sit to blog or even read my favorite blogs. I have been doing some traveling and also there just seems to be one thing or another going on every single weekend. These are all excuses so I am pumped and ready to get back into blogging consistently(fingers crossed.)

I love puff puff, its just so yummy and also such a simple snack to make. I decided to make this puff puff with a little twist because even though I love it just the way it is, I found a way to enjoy it better with a bit of pepper. I love spicy food and every spicy food lover would appreciate this twist. I first tasted this when I was 9 years old and lets just say it made me love puff puffs even more. My favorite part of the whole pastry is actually the crunchy ends due to slight imperfections.