Lemon Bars

Hi everyone, hope your week has been going great? Mine's been great and the weather in Atlanta has been awesome. Its been as high as 80 degrees plus sometimes, I just hope the summer isn't too hot. In the spirit of spring I decided to bake something light and yummy. I thought about lemon bars because they are yellow like the wonderful sun (I just called the sun wonderful thanks to Barney, lol blame my toddler) and summer in general. I love that they are sweet but also tart at the same time. They are great on the eyes too and perfect dessert at a barbecue. Can't wait for Memorial Day weekend. My best part of a lemon bar is the shortbread crumb layer  especially warm out of the oven. I found this recipe online but made some slight changes.

Beach Wear

One of the best things I love about summer to being able to go the beach, nothing prettier than watching the sunset on the beach. I only wished we had one in Atlanta:( Good news though I am planning a trip with the family in a few weeks to sunny California.Its my 1 year old toddler's first flight, so I am just keeping my fingers crossed and praying he is well behaved, lol.  I have never been there so I am excited! I plan on obviously hitting a beach or two while there which calls for bathing suits. I am not quite two-piece ready so I am looking for a fabulous one piece. There are just so many cute options I don't even know where to begin. Here are a few I love including cover up/beach dresses.

Meat-Pie Recipe

Hi everyone, I know I have been a bit lazy with updating by blog lately please bear with me. I haven't baked anything new in the last month  but I wanted to share this recipe since a few folks have asked about it. I bought a couple of cooking books and can't wait to start baking new treats. I love making meat-pies because they not only taste yummy but also store great! Just put them in zip-lock bags and put in your fridge or freezer (if you want them to last more than 2 weeks) and pop them in the oven when your ready to eat and they taste like you just baked them!
I make mine small like all my pastries. This recipe will make a little over 30 small meat pies but depending on what you use as your dough cutter it will vary.

2 sticks of unsalted butter (room temperature)
4 cups of all purpose flour
1 cup of  water (room temperature)
1 teaspoon salt
3 teaspoons sugar
1 small pack of minced meat (turkey or beef)
2 to 3 potatoes depending on size
2 eggs (crack and whisk together)

Wash your meat, add a little water, few slices of sweet onions(red one) and seasoning( this is one of the crucial parts for the taste of your meat-pies so make sure its well seasoned) and cook until well done. I use knorr, black pepper, thyme, parsley and Mrs dash. Once its done, put it in a bowl including the juice (the juice keeps the meat moist which prevents dry meat inside your meat-pies) before putting it in your refrigerator to cool down. Peel and cut your potatoes into about 4 parts each and cook (no need to add salt while cooking it.) Once your potatoes are fully cooked use a potato masher or a spoon to mash it up and also put in the fridge to cool. Remove from the fridge after you make your dough.
You don't have to limit your meat pies to just potatoes and a type of meat, that's just how I like mine.

The dough recipe is the same as for making sausage rolls see here for directions