Seven things about me

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. I was tagged recently by the lovely ladies YNC and Chic Lounge. So here goes
-I am an Owl, the EARLIEST time I go to bed is 2am. I am definitely not a morning person.
-I can watch Law & Order SVU all day, love that show! Its one show I never miss.
-I love bargains and always love to find ways to save a buck or two when it comes to fashion. I have so many stories about getting that $600 shoes for $150.
-I am blunt, sometimes maybe too blunt(working on this). I just would rather be quiet than make up stuff.
-I love giving myself and others pedicures and manicures.
-As much as I love summer weather, I still love winter lol, I think its because I live in Atlanta and we get an average of  4-5 snow days a year. I love Atlanta, Georgia, best city ever!!
-In my spare time I love reading. I especially love reading novels from Nigerian authors. Can't wait to read Myne Whitman's A Love Rekindled.

Thought I should add a picture to the mix. New post coming up tomorrow:)

Picture of me and hubby taken @ his cousin's 30th birthday party
Outfit: Micheal Kors gold sequin top, leggings gift from my awesome friend Wande, black leather jacket Wilson, black patent pumps Prada


  1. I am the same with you on 1, 2 & 6. Thanks for sharing and hot pic of us :)

  2. How do you operate if you go to bed at 2am?? I'm the total opposite, ideally I'd be in bed by 10 latest every night (yeah yeah, I'm an old woman) :)

  3. lovely tag, l can't believe you love winter...OMG!!! u look so cutie, am loving the outfit.

  4. In my house, I'm the lark and hubby is the owl. I bow for you guys o, lol. Thanks for that shout out, I hope you enjoy it. Have a lovely weekend.

    Cute picture btw...

  5. I loooove bargains and I loooove to read. Owl? Not so much. I can't keep my eyes open after 9:30pm :-). Cute pic of you and my friend! ;-)

  6. "I have so many stories about getting that $600 shoes for $150". ME TOO! i am probably the first person who ever bought louboutin's on sale...(not for $150 though) you may have me beat :)

  7. Hi Titi... I went through your entire blog in like 20 mins! (ok... maybe exaggerating a lil), and I absolutely loved it! its pretty refreshing and the layout is simple & clear. I'm Nigerian as well and I basically found out we have quite a bit in common (including baking, fashion, Law & order & not being able to get to bed until "mornings" (my mum always used to say I only function at night!!!) I tried your sausage rolls recipe & it worked like magic... the best I've tried so far. Can you share your recipes for Scotch egg & meatpie as well? I guess the pastry mix for meatpies will be similar to the sausage rolls'. I hope to refer to this blog for a couple more stuff from now on! ;)

  8. @ Tutu thanks alot dear:) I will be putting up the meat-pie recipe tomorrow. I will share the scotch egg recipe soon.
    @ Vickii, I don't have to get up early in the am, so works out great:)

  9. I also love reading novels by nigerian authors!..the pic is so and your hubby are so young :)

  10. Yaaay! :-) Great... Meatpie for the weekend! Thanks Titi.

  11. i love honesty ... some call it being blunt ... but we need a lil more of it ... nice blog

  12. I'm so late here...but I feel like I know you a little now...I love African authors but mostly Nigerians...and I suck at bargain shopping...It's a very rare occurence for me...

    btw you and your hubby look gorg...