Seven things about me

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. I was tagged recently by the lovely ladies YNC and Chic Lounge. So here goes
-I am an Owl, the EARLIEST time I go to bed is 2am. I am definitely not a morning person.
-I can watch Law & Order SVU all day, love that show! Its one show I never miss.
-I love bargains and always love to find ways to save a buck or two when it comes to fashion. I have so many stories about getting that $600 shoes for $150.
-I am blunt, sometimes maybe too blunt(working on this). I just would rather be quiet than make up stuff.
-I love giving myself and others pedicures and manicures.
-As much as I love summer weather, I still love winter lol, I think its because I live in Atlanta and we get an average of  4-5 snow days a year. I love Atlanta, Georgia, best city ever!!
-In my spare time I love reading. I especially love reading novels from Nigerian authors. Can't wait to read Myne Whitman's A Love Rekindled.

Thought I should add a picture to the mix. New post coming up tomorrow:)

Fitness Gear

Hi everyone and happy friday. I decided to join the gym after procrastinating for the last hmm counting fingers, lol its been that long years. Felt so good to be back in the gym, am so sore, even my neck muscles are soar:( I tried out a Zumba class and lets just say its not for the faint of hearts. Its so intense! I couldn't keep up one bit. I guess I have two left foot hmm.
I figured if I am committing to the gym I should get some workout gears that looks great. Wearing my hubby socks and t-shirt just isn't pretty, lol. I got a couple of outfits today from the Hautelook New Balance awesome sale. It ends monday.

Sausage Rolls Recipe

Hi Everyone! One of my favorite Nigerian Pastry is Sausage Rolls and I mentioned here that I would share the   recipe soon. It is one of the first pastry I ever tried to make too. Its so simple to make and I love mine bite size. I have given this recipe to a few friends and they have been pleased with the results. In the past I used salted butter but I recently have been cutting down my salt intake  and switching butter didn't change the taste. Try it and let me know what you think.

2 sticks of unsalted butter (room temperature)
4 cups of all purpose flour
1 cup of  water (room temperature)
1 teaspoon salt
3 teaspoons sugar
1 pack of uncooked breakfast turkey or any other choice of meat
2 eggs (crack and whisk together)

Makes 54 mini sausage rolls

  In a large mixing bowl add the flour, butter, sugar and sugar

One time wear

Hi Everyone and hope you had a wonderful weekend? Mine was awesome:) Spring is almost here so I have started my yearly spring cleaning. I looked into my closet and staring at me are lots of dresses I wore once and forgot about. I never have this problem with tops or pants. Am I the only one with this problem? I always tell myself I will wear them again but some how the perfect event never comes along. Perfect meaning  "another major event" "minus the same people who saw me in the same dress" which never happens. Might sound a bit shallow but those are my rules, lol. I also try to do the following
A. Wear to church  (this doesn't work out all the time because some are just not church appropriate)
B. Give away to my sister (works sometimes, we aren't exactly the same size)
C. Sit in my closet for another year, then  give away
D. Plan to list on ebay to sell but never actually do it
What do you do to your clothes?

That being said, summer is almost here and I have quite a number of events I am attending which only means more new clothes I'll probably wear once right!! I plan to shop differently this year say like less strapless and one shoulder dresses and more classic pieces that I can wear anywhere. I hope to stick to this at least 90% of the time, its just tough sometimes. Here are a few dresses I would love in my closet (am breaking my rules already). I am on a SHOPPING BAN at the moment (bought 2 items from my wish list) so all I can do is admire from afar, lol. 

Cake Pops

Hi everyone, sorry for the short hiatus from blogging. I blame it on my allergies.I decided to give cake pops a try recently. I have heard so much about them and they seem to be huge everywhere. They are so pretty to look at, but taste wise talk about a sugar high, lol. I definitely don't have much of a sweet tooth :) It came out great but I am challenged when it comes to designing them. They aren't so difficult to make but definitely time consuming.