My love for Baking

Hi and thanks for visiting! I decided to dedicate this space also to my baking quests and making something about this hobby of mine. I have loved baking ever since I can remember. I watched my mom bake as a kid and I think that's were I got it from. There is nothing more homey than the smell of fresh pastries right out of the oven, yummy, yum, yum, lol. I have taken a few classes to-date mostly on cakes. I don't own one cookbook yet but hope to acquire some soon. I have relied on the internet mostly for recipes and class and tried a few of a Vickii's recipe (yummy just they look in the pictures, btw.)
I plan on baking once a week and putting up pictures here. I successfully did this for about two months in preparing for my son's  1st birthday because I wanted to make most of the pastries for his party. I did make the pastries and will be putting up some pictures soon.


  1. This is great babe! Really glad you'll be blogging about your passion. Congrats

  2. Thanks for the shoutout hun! Yay, I can't wait to steal recipes from you and welcome to the blogging world!
    However, you need to remedy your lack of cookbook situation! If I had to recommend one for baking lovers, it would be Nigella Lawson's 'How to be a domestic goddess' as it's not just sweet stuff and everything in there is ON POINT!