Spring/Summer 2011 Bags I'm loving

I  have a thing for exotics and red chanels
Matte Snakeskin Flap bag

 I am into the crossbody trend, it just makes life easier especially going out with a toddler (yay to free hands!) The pink color just screams spring to me.
Marc Jacobs Day to Nite Single Bag
I love everything about this box clutch, its the right size and perfect for that special nite out.

DVF Lytton Minaudiere Clutch

I love the simplicity of this clutch and it has the right amount of edge with the ropes and tassles.
Gucci Malika Clutch
The Peek-a-Boo has been a hit for Fendi and I am a huge fan too. l love the snake skin details on the inside and the white color is perfect for summer.

Fendi Peek-a-Boo Tote

This will be my perfect go to bag for spring/summer season. It has enough room to fit all my stuff and I like the added zipper and studs details which thankfully isn't overwhelming the bag.
Marc Jacobs Rio Padlock Bowler

Timi's Incredible 1st birthday Party

Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog. Like I mentioned in my previous post, today I am sharing a few of the pictures from my son's birthday. I succeeded in making his birthday cake which was huge for me. Everyone seemed to love the cake cos it was gone so fast or maybe its because I made a small cake he he. I didn't make the fondant topper because *cough, cough* I am a newbie after all. The cake was a butter cream yellow cake and I got the recipe from one of my baking classes. The frosting recipe I got from (joyofbaking.com) thanks Vickii for the hookup:)

The cupcakes were dry imo. I left them out overnite which wasn't a good idea obviously. Its a learning process I guess. The brownies were super yummy, will share that recipe soon. I also made the Nigerian snacks meat-pies, sausage rolls and scotch eggs. I can make those in my sleep lol, I have made them for years and everyone says they taste good. If  you don't believe me, I can always mail some to you to judge for yourself, he he.

For more pictures from my son's birthday visit my hubby's blog. He took these awesome pictures.

My love for Baking

Hi and thanks for visiting! I decided to dedicate this space also to my baking quests and making something about this hobby of mine. I have loved baking ever since I can remember. I watched my mom bake as a kid and I think that's were I got it from. There is nothing more homey than the smell of fresh pastries right out of the oven, yummy, yum, yum, lol. I have taken a few classes to-date mostly on cakes. I don't own one cookbook yet but hope to acquire some soon. I have relied on the internet mostly for recipes and class and tried a few of a Vickii's recipe (yummy just they look in the pictures, btw.)
I plan on baking once a week and putting up pictures here. I successfully did this for about two months in preparing for my son's  1st birthday because I wanted to make most of the pastries for his party. I did make the pastries and will be putting up some pictures soon.

New Beginnings

Hi and welcome to my blog. I decided to start this blog because I just wanted my own outlet:) I have always appreciated all things fashion and I consider myself a bargain queen. I love deals and I find myself constantly updating my friends on where to find the best deals. My fashion style is a mixture of trendy and classic pieces. I don't have a favorite store to shop but I find online shopping alot easier. Here are some of the items on my wish list at the moment.

I am due for a new wallet and am leaning towards this one because its a zip around which means I can toss my coins in easily and also because its Saffiano leather. Saffiano is Crosshatch-texted/tougher leather and imo just a more durable type of leather especially for a wallet. My last wallet was also a Saffiano one  by Ferragamo and I loved it alot. Yes it is a huge deal for me to make a simple decision as choosing a wallet, lol. Hoping to snag this baby at a reduced price via Dessert Hill store Prada Outlet. Love, love outlet stores:)

Next up is a leather jacket. A stylish and good quality leather jacket like this biker one is just what my closet needs right now. Love this color and loving the price even more.

Nude shoes are in season now but I consider them as classic as a great pair of black pumps. They go with everything!  I just need to find one in my skin tone. This Louboutin Prive's style is very tempting:)

This is the Red of the Classic Chanel Flap bag, no further explanation needed on why I want it:)