Rachel Zoe Fall 2011

I am a huge Rachel Zoe fan (can't wait for next season of her show) so I have been anticipating her fall line hitting the stores. I haven't been a fan of the QVC stuff but this line I love. These pieces are true to her style and  well-structured. Price wise obviously I wish they were more affordable. Even if some of the pieces isn't quite my style, I can still appreciate it.

MEME: What's In my Bag

Hi everyone and thanks again for stopping by my blog. Hope your week has been great? Its so hot in Atlanta right now, am not loving one bit of it. Fall weather come already!! I was recently tagged so here it goes. I got a little carried away with the camera and decided to have fun with it.

This is my black patent leather Ysl Muse bag. I love this bag to bits. Its so roomy, perfect travel bag especially with my toddler and just all around the perfect tote. It wipes off easily even when its exposed to the occassional rain or the regular toddler sticky fingers:) I have had it for a few years now and it still looks brand new and I love that I can skip carrying a diaper bag and just stick everything child related into it and I am good to go. You can tell I definitely love this bag, lol.

Puff Puff with a little twist

Hi Everyone, thanks again for stopping by my blog! I know its been forever, I just have been so busy, like really busy and I haven't had time to sit to blog or even read my favorite blogs. I have been doing some traveling and also there just seems to be one thing or another going on every single weekend. These are all excuses so I am pumped and ready to get back into blogging consistently(fingers crossed.)

I love puff puff, its just so yummy and also such a simple snack to make. I decided to make this puff puff with a little twist because even though I love it just the way it is, I found a way to enjoy it better with a bit of pepper. I love spicy food and every spicy food lover would appreciate this twist. I first tasted this when I was 9 years old and lets just say it made me love puff puffs even more. My favorite part of the whole pastry is actually the crunchy ends due to slight imperfections.


Thumb Print Cookie

Hi everyone, I know its been forever and I apologize. I have been super busy and I haven't had the time to sit on the computer for a long period of time. Between vacation, weddings and the whole family visiting, there has been so little time. I have had a wedding back to back in the last month too, so you can imagine. I haven't baked in a few weeks but can't wait to try new treats. This was my first try baking Thumb print cookie and I have to say they are one of my favorite type of cookies now. They are light and I love the option to use any type of filling to make them taste even yummier. The best part also is that they are easy and fast to make.

1/2 cup butter
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 egg, separated
1/2 tbsp. vanilla
1 cup flour
Jelly or preserve (any flavor)

Lemon Bars

Hi everyone, hope your week has been going great? Mine's been great and the weather in Atlanta has been awesome. Its been as high as 80 degrees plus sometimes, I just hope the summer isn't too hot. In the spirit of spring I decided to bake something light and yummy. I thought about lemon bars because they are yellow like the wonderful sun (I just called the sun wonderful thanks to Barney, lol blame my toddler) and summer in general. I love that they are sweet but also tart at the same time. They are great on the eyes too and perfect dessert at a barbecue. Can't wait for Memorial Day weekend. My best part of a lemon bar is the shortbread crumb layer  especially warm out of the oven. I found this recipe online but made some slight changes.

Beach Wear

One of the best things I love about summer to being able to go the beach, nothing prettier than watching the sunset on the beach. I only wished we had one in Atlanta:( Good news though I am planning a trip with the family in a few weeks to sunny California.Its my 1 year old toddler's first flight, so I am just keeping my fingers crossed and praying he is well behaved, lol.  I have never been there so I am excited! I plan on obviously hitting a beach or two while there which calls for bathing suits. I am not quite two-piece ready so I am looking for a fabulous one piece. There are just so many cute options I don't even know where to begin. Here are a few I love including cover up/beach dresses.

Meat-Pie Recipe

Hi everyone, I know I have been a bit lazy with updating by blog lately please bear with me. I haven't baked anything new in the last month  but I wanted to share this recipe since a few folks have asked about it. I bought a couple of cooking books and can't wait to start baking new treats. I love making meat-pies because they not only taste yummy but also store great! Just put them in zip-lock bags and put in your fridge or freezer (if you want them to last more than 2 weeks) and pop them in the oven when your ready to eat and they taste like you just baked them!
I make mine small like all my pastries. This recipe will make a little over 30 small meat pies but depending on what you use as your dough cutter it will vary.

2 sticks of unsalted butter (room temperature)
4 cups of all purpose flour
1 cup of  water (room temperature)
1 teaspoon salt
3 teaspoons sugar
1 small pack of minced meat (turkey or beef)
2 to 3 potatoes depending on size
2 eggs (crack and whisk together)

Wash your meat, add a little water, few slices of sweet onions(red one) and seasoning( this is one of the crucial parts for the taste of your meat-pies so make sure its well seasoned) and cook until well done. I use knorr, black pepper, thyme, parsley and Mrs dash. Once its done, put it in a bowl including the juice (the juice keeps the meat moist which prevents dry meat inside your meat-pies) before putting it in your refrigerator to cool down. Peel and cut your potatoes into about 4 parts each and cook (no need to add salt while cooking it.) Once your potatoes are fully cooked use a potato masher or a spoon to mash it up and also put in the fridge to cool. Remove from the fridge after you make your dough.
You don't have to limit your meat pies to just potatoes and a type of meat, that's just how I like mine.

The dough recipe is the same as for making sausage rolls see here for directions

Seven things about me

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. I was tagged recently by the lovely ladies YNC and Chic Lounge. So here goes
-I am an Owl, the EARLIEST time I go to bed is 2am. I am definitely not a morning person.
-I can watch Law & Order SVU all day, love that show! Its one show I never miss.
-I love bargains and always love to find ways to save a buck or two when it comes to fashion. I have so many stories about getting that $600 shoes for $150.
-I am blunt, sometimes maybe too blunt(working on this). I just would rather be quiet than make up stuff.
-I love giving myself and others pedicures and manicures.
-As much as I love summer weather, I still love winter lol, I think its because I live in Atlanta and we get an average of  4-5 snow days a year. I love Atlanta, Georgia, best city ever!!
-In my spare time I love reading. I especially love reading novels from Nigerian authors. Can't wait to read Myne Whitman's A Love Rekindled.

Thought I should add a picture to the mix. New post coming up tomorrow:)

Fitness Gear

Hi everyone and happy friday. I decided to join the gym after procrastinating for the last hmm counting fingers, lol its been that long years. Felt so good to be back in the gym, am so sore, even my neck muscles are soar:( I tried out a Zumba class and lets just say its not for the faint of hearts. Its so intense! I couldn't keep up one bit. I guess I have two left foot hmm.
I figured if I am committing to the gym I should get some workout gears that looks great. Wearing my hubby socks and t-shirt just isn't pretty, lol. I got a couple of outfits today from the Hautelook New Balance awesome sale. It ends monday.

Sausage Rolls Recipe

Hi Everyone! One of my favorite Nigerian Pastry is Sausage Rolls and I mentioned here that I would share the   recipe soon. It is one of the first pastry I ever tried to make too. Its so simple to make and I love mine bite size. I have given this recipe to a few friends and they have been pleased with the results. In the past I used salted butter but I recently have been cutting down my salt intake  and switching butter didn't change the taste. Try it and let me know what you think.

2 sticks of unsalted butter (room temperature)
4 cups of all purpose flour
1 cup of  water (room temperature)
1 teaspoon salt
3 teaspoons sugar
1 pack of uncooked breakfast turkey or any other choice of meat
2 eggs (crack and whisk together)

Makes 54 mini sausage rolls

  In a large mixing bowl add the flour, butter, sugar and sugar

One time wear

Hi Everyone and hope you had a wonderful weekend? Mine was awesome:) Spring is almost here so I have started my yearly spring cleaning. I looked into my closet and staring at me are lots of dresses I wore once and forgot about. I never have this problem with tops or pants. Am I the only one with this problem? I always tell myself I will wear them again but some how the perfect event never comes along. Perfect meaning  "another major event" "minus the same people who saw me in the same dress" which never happens. Might sound a bit shallow but those are my rules, lol. I also try to do the following
A. Wear to church  (this doesn't work out all the time because some are just not church appropriate)
B. Give away to my sister (works sometimes, we aren't exactly the same size)
C. Sit in my closet for another year, then  give away
D. Plan to list on ebay to sell but never actually do it
What do you do to your clothes?

That being said, summer is almost here and I have quite a number of events I am attending which only means more new clothes I'll probably wear once right!! I plan to shop differently this year say like less strapless and one shoulder dresses and more classic pieces that I can wear anywhere. I hope to stick to this at least 90% of the time, its just tough sometimes. Here are a few dresses I would love in my closet (am breaking my rules already). I am on a SHOPPING BAN at the moment (bought 2 items from my wish list) so all I can do is admire from afar, lol. 

Cake Pops

Hi everyone, sorry for the short hiatus from blogging. I blame it on my allergies.I decided to give cake pops a try recently. I have heard so much about them and they seem to be huge everywhere. They are so pretty to look at, but taste wise talk about a sugar high, lol. I definitely don't have much of a sweet tooth :) It came out great but I am challenged when it comes to designing them. They aren't so difficult to make but definitely time consuming.

Summer Sandals

I know it isn't quite summer yet, but the 70 degrees plus weather we had in Atlanta over the weekend could have fooled me. One of my favorite things about summer is the opportunity to wear cute sandals, flip fops and flats. I personally prefer low/flat heeled ones. Here are some of my favorites.

Giuseppe Zanotti Shield Flat Sandal

Giuseppe Zanotti Flower Back-Zip Sandal

Guess Tutu Flip Flops

Havaianas Crystal Heart Flip Flop

Valentino Bow Thong Sandal

Tory Burch Alex Embellished Leather Sandal

Giuseppe Zanotti Turquoise T-Strap Sandal

Belle by Sigerson Peep-Toe Flat

Bloch Peep-Toe Flats

Chanel PVC Thong Sandal

Post Baby Things I love

Its amazing how much  a woman's body goes through when pregnant. One of the few things I loved about my body when I got pregnant was my bigger boobs, lol! I am on the small side so I was happy with the HUGE difference in size. I secretly prayed every night that I would get to keep them even after I was done breastfeeding but I guess mother nature had other plans (rolling eyes.) It's been 14 months since I had my baby and now I am somewhere in between. I will take that over going back to the same or smaller boobs! Yes some women's boobs do get smaller. Here are some of my favorite items.

The first month post baby is so crucial in getting your stomach back in shape. I wasn't going to tie my stomach the way some of our mothers did, so in came the BellyBandit. I am proof that it works wonders. It holds it all in. Its not so comfortable on and you have to wear it for almost 12hrs in a day but it was worth it. You just have to use this religiously for the first month and would probably have to order two different sizes.


The thing about the bellybandit is that you can't wear it under your outfit so in I opted for the T.C shaper also. It helps get your stomach back to its pre-pregnancy form also. Its not your average girdle. It was recommended by a dear friend I am glad I got this.

The best thing you can do for your self after baby is to invest  in good quality bras. After I weaned my baby last month I decided to go to Intimacy for a new bra fit. I came out with only one bra lol (everything I saw was over $100!) but I felt sexier nonetheless. I will definitely go back or maybe I will just hit up Nordstrom instead since I know my correct bra size now.


I feel its important as a new mom to have a few moments alone just to unwind. There is nothing better to loosen up your muscles and help you heal and simply relax than a bath. I believe Radox makes one of the best bath soaks in the market. The smell and the feeling on your body is just beyond anything. You will definitely feel 100% better afterwards. I especially love the nourish bath theraphy with natural Shea butter and a hint of ginger.

I lived in nightgowns and robes after I  had my baby because they are so comfortable. They are so easy to put on and a stylish way to dress while indoors. 

Red Velvet Cake

Happy Valentine's day! Yeah this post is a day late, just got busy yesterday and didn't get  a chance to put this up. I decided to try out a Red Velvet cake recipe for valentine's day:) This particular recipe is from a mix of different recipes, lol.  I just enjoy mixing things up and adding my own twist. My frosting is kinda sour sweet, I prefer this to a very sweet frosting.

I was pleased with the end results but when I bake this next time I will try it with shortening just to see the difference in taste. This is what the final product looked like:)  Ignore my mediocre attempt at frosting the cake, it kinda makes the cake look crooked right? I did this around 4:30 am, so I was kinda half asleep. I am taking some classes on cake decorating next month so i'll get better.

One of my  favorite picture of me and my hubby and a slice the cake

Wanna try it out?

2 grams of all purpose flour(sifted)
1 stick of unsalted butter (room temp)
2 cups of sugar (sifted)
1 tablespoon cocoa
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 eggs
2 cup buttermilk
1 table spoon vinegar
2 oz of red coloring
1 cup of vegetable oil

8oz cream cheese
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
4 cups of confectioners sugar (sifted)
1 stick of unsalted butter (room temp)

Set in oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. I base my baking pans with shortening and flour and then parchment paper over it.

Using my hand mixer, I creamed the butter and the sugar in a large bowl. I added the egg mix little by little into the mix.Then I added the flour, salt, cocoa together in a bowl. I mixed the red coloring with the buttermilk and vinegar. In 3 parts I added the liquid mix and the flour mix into my creamed mix. I then added the oil in and finally the vinegar. I divided my mix into 2 baking pans before putting in the oven.

Using  a mixer cream the cream cheese and butter. Add the vinegar and in four parts add the sifted confectioners sugar.



Brownie Bites

Today I am sharing my experience baking brownie bites. I love brownies alot but I particularly prefer  mine moist on the inside and just a little harder on the outside, not completely cake like. I got this recipe from the Joy of Baking but I added my own  twist to it which I believe made the recipe better. This was my first time making bite-size brownies (I usually make them in an 8 inch pan) and I was quite pleased with the results. I feel  bite-size  brownies are more fun and easier to serve! hor dourves anyone? Not a huge fan of cutting  brownies, lol. Please let me know if you try this out and what you think about the recipe.

5 ounces (140 grams) bittersweet chocolate chips
5 ounces (140 grams) white chocolate chips
1/2 cup (1 stick) (113) unsalted butter
2 tablespoons (15 grams) cocoa powder
1 cup (200 grams) granulated white sugar
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
3 large eggs
3/4 cup (95 grams) all-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon salt

Melt the chocolate and butter on the stove, in a stainless steel container immersed in boiling water in a saucepan.

Like this

Remove it from the stove when completely melted. It should look like the image below.

Break and whisk the eggs 

Add the vanilla extract to the egg mix

Start adding the other ingredients one at a time to the melted chocolate and butter mix stirring with a spatula.

Cocoa powder




Then the egg and vanilla extract mix

It should look like this when completed

I used a silicon brownie pop pan placed on a baking sheet. I sprayed oil in each cube before adding my mix.

I decided to use a piping bag to get my mix into the pan. It was easier and definitely neater.

This is what it looked like when I was done

I baked it at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes. I used the toothpick test, so just do that depending on how powerful your oven is, it might take longer or less time.

Fresh out the oven

After cooling off on the rack for 15 minutes it came out easily from the baking pan


I added a little bit of confectioners sugar to add some jazz. They came out very moist and yummy.